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20 minutes ago, (XB1)MRS INFAMI 460 said:

I want to help a friend out and give her a warfrmae since she is still on the Mag. Is there anyway I can do it through the Clan Dojo without xbox gold?

Unless you are going to spend plat on a gifted frame, the only way to give someone a frame is trading the prime parts of it. Plus, unless they have extra slots, they can't get more frames unless they are the gifted plat purchases. If your friend is not in a clan and someone in your clan can invite them, they can repliacte the frame blueprints in the tenno lab, though again they need free slots to use the frame.

If you don't have gold, then you won't see another living soul in-game, you will be solo only. So no being able to see your friend in-game.

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