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Melee - Animations And Cancel (Orthos)


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Despite what some people are saying, I personally find melee qui nice and rewarding BUT I have three things that are disturbing me :


- First, some animations cannot be canceled. I started playing with an Orthos weapon (changed from a Cronus) and something felt really slow, unresponsive and irritating. Then I noticed that some animations that occur after a series of hits ALWAYS occur and are preventing me from doing something else.

This includes the ability to switch weapons, cast a spell, pick-up things on the floor, etc. I don't know if it is intended or not but it basicly only allows me to run/jump. Warframe being a fast-paced game, I don't understand why this is happening.

Sometimes I have to run backwards in order to pick things I couldn't before because I was attacking with melee attacks.


- This also includes the fact that attacks trigger movement from the player, which is another feature that is taking some of the control of the player over the warframe. Sometimes I don't want to move and just stay in place in order to finish an Ancient. This attack-move 'feature' forces me to turn around the ancient in order to still have it in the middle of my screen.


- The third one concerns some 'finish' attacks. My weapon is a polearm-ish one that has a decent cleave, combined with a full Reach mod it allows me to hit a lot of ennemies with great pleasure.

The problem is when some targets are lying on the ground : this triggers a 'finish' animation from the warframe, that takes a lot of time and doesn't kill (which at the end isn't interesting dps wise, not even talking about cleaving-dps wise). It also blocks my warframe for the WHOLE duration : free dps/CC/etc on me.


Maybe it is a weapon specific feedback that I should do but atm this is what I can tell.


Thanks for reading




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My only real gripe with orthos/orthos prime (aside from late game damage scaling) is the finisher. Sometimes it doesn't even seem to do damage, and it activates when I'm not even putting my reticule over the foe I'm attacking.

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So I guess I'm kinda the only one to have those kind of issues

I guess after thinking about it a bit more, I wouldn't mind being able to control whether or not I walk forward while attacking. This isn't unique to the Orthos family though.


On the note of it being unresponsive when you stop attacking, I find this really only lasts until I sheathe the weapon, so it doesn't bother me from an immersion perspective.

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