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Improving on Ivara's kit


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Ivara is in no small measure an amazing frame and her kit is pretty solid for what she's used for e.g spy missions and farming affinity. But repetition is something her playstyle suffers from greatly, and as a result so does the incentive to play her. Here are some of my thoughts on what could make Ivara more fun to play while retaining her usefulness. Firstly, navigator could really use some love. The fact that weapons that fire multiple projectiles or weapons with innate multishot  lose most of thier effect when fired with navigator is problematic, especially when her exalted weapon fits in that category. A possible fix for this would be to consolidate all fired projectiles into one until impact or expiration of navigator. This would mean projectiles with a spread such as drakgoon and mara detron's or effects like multishot would retain their full damage on the intended target(s). The augment piercing navigator could be in a better state as well considering its stripped of the punchthrough it provides is when used with Concentrated arrow equipped, a rework would do it some good, maybe give it some enemy interaction? a debuff that hijacks an enemy projectile possibly.  

Another ability that could use some help in the fun department is quiver. Sleep arrow is fine where it's at when it comes to usefulness but cloak arrow is a bit underwhelming, it's useful for reviving allies but prowl does that and more. Having a radiation proc arrow would be an improvement, sleep arrow retains enemies alert level so having them wake up with something to deal with would be great, and noise arrow only helps set this up. 

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