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[BUG] Many invalid weapons come up when you search for "sniper"


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Search for "Sniper" and you get the Ferrox, the Lenz, the Ogris, the Penta, the Tonkor, and more. Searching for "assault", "shotgun", or "bow" seems to provide the correct weapons.

While you're in there fixing this, a few other type-signifier searches would be nice. "Burst", "auto", "silent", "launcher", perhaps "self-damage", or "area", "thrown" for secondary weapons, and similar tags, would be nice.

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1 minute ago, lukinu_u said:

If I'm not wrong they come up when searching for "sniper" because they all use sniper ammo.

That seems likely. Still, they aren't "sniper" class weapons, and you can't take them into a "Sniper only" sortie. It's not useful from a user perspective.

(By the way, thanks for the Valkyr Mithra skin~! I love it!)

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