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IGNIS WRAITH ME PLZ: Return of Primed Chamber


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57 minutes ago, Case1 said:

But baro brings that too so why>?

For new clans, participating in the New War.
For Switch Players, since they have literally never gotten the bp for clans.
For Railjack and to celebrate joining the ranks of Tenno from the Old War.
For an apology for the massive changes and ignored feedback.

Because it makes sense, bringing back Primed Chamber was entirely unnecessary and unasked for. It sets a completely forced tone for the return of things we've lost that have been in discussion ever since, raids, events, solar rails. Our clan has everything, except these details and with the new room revealed for squad-link, only the oldest clans will reach rank 11 and it goes back to my previous idea that they're forcing a tone for this return. I hope to post and urge them right into that decision. This is the age of igniting the tenno of times past by reintroducing these things we need, not more acolytes, not thermia fractures, not even plague star or whatever that stupid Spectra Vandal event was just drop it lol. Make it like the World Cup, every 4 years. It's already so saturated within the market that you can get it for FREE. That doesn't make the appearance of the event somehow valuable, which opposes the idea of making it a 1-Time thing in the first place. I think we're wasting more time, effort and brain power NOT re-releasing it.
Let us compete.
Let us see the new 10%. 

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