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CLEM-frame ~ Grineer Styled Warframe 'STEEL' - Full Design Brief


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CLEM-frame  aka 'STEEL'

- A Deinfested Grineer or Kuva Lich? (open here), and re-purposed Grineer modeled Warframe, very heavily armored, with JetPack & Grineer Style Gear
- A Steel Meridian Story Involving that a unique Warframe could be created from a rampaging Kuva Lich or grineer Infested hybrid
- The initial Quest will use the captured, altered, and modified STEEL warframe for a SPY & Espionage missions for Steel Meridian
- The Process of acquiring this unique warframe will be somewhat Grindy in acquiring Blueprints & Parts via Missions (Not as bad as building a railJack)
- A kind of clumsy, comical warframe, things can rarely explode or go wrong, and your fellow players point + laugh at you .. but Tough as NAILS too
- does NOT use shields similar to Nidus, But Has Vazarin Aura Polarity for Rejuvenation as an option to regenerate some health
- Commonly will build towards massive armor, reasonable Health & regeneration
- cannot equip melee weapons (his passive does this ... his mini roller aka 'grineer latcher' )
- Can sort-of Melee on his own via Collision (Armor = Damage) when using Jetpack or SmolderFade, or using a unique Augment
- Building Negative Range, will alter His Jetpack for a very Dangerous form of Invisibility (SmolderFade)

- Abilities 
00 passive - Latcher  (mini roller ball that's effectively short range auto-melee Sentinel)
01 Deployable Barrier  (as you would exepct)
02 Jetpack/SmolderFade (some creative liberty here)
03 Modified Propaganda Drone (Those Grineer whooping drones doing cool stuff)
04 Ammo Rain ( The Glem Grakata paradise moment )

- Mostly inspired by the fun range of Grineer Capabilities (Grineer are my favourite faction / Steel Meridian)
- Must attain rank of Defender(3) with Steel Meridian to Get Blueprints (which will be expensive), part of Quest
- Intended to be a somewhat funny warframe / ClemFanFare .. accidents can happen
- Ability 04, Ammo Rain, Has an Augment that Fully Realizes the Clem Grakata Fun Frenzy 🙂

STATS__ (rank30)__
Armor:    800
Energy:  350
Health:   500
Shield:  -no shields-
Sprint:  1.0

temp name - STEEL
nickname 'Clem-frame' for all Clem Fans like me
- I'm totally open to something sounding much cooler than that, more thematic.
- STEEL .. is just my leaning to his strong Armor focus & Steel Meridian Quest Chain acquisition
- I want a Grineer Like sounding name ideally, and there's some great Kuva-Lich like name
- It's been mentioned to me that the Frame could be named after a Kuva Lich you've reconstituted

- regular Grineer Trooper, Base Camo .. and can easily have a large variety of skins
- KUVA Lich variations ? .. could be fun .. imagine Hunting Random Lichs just for a new Clem-Frame Skin? Sellable for Plat? Goodness!
- SoundFx - Idle Animation could also include random "CLEM! ......        ... clem? ... CLEM!!!"
- Aggressive Posture Could include SoundFx with "GRAKATA!!! " etc
- Lots of creative room here


00 Passive - Exalted Sentinel Companion --__________________________

LATCHER (the mini grineer rollers)
-  Equipped with unique Weapon 'Blastwave', a Charge + Explode Nova of BLAST damage
- The Mini roller Ball is Clem-frames effective Nearby (within<15m) Little Melee Machine. It normally follows along closely, and when it sees an enemy Runs up to it, and begins Blasting it's specialist weapon, the Blastwave. Without the Precept (Seek & Kill) Latcher remains more defensive, and typically attacks those whom have attacked 1st (think REVENGE precept). When Equipping it's included Precept (Seek & Destroy) it takes a more aggressive roll actively Looking for enemies, and choosing enemies in cover, or around corners. It will NOT stray further than 15m from Clem-Frame at any time, unlike Vauban's little rollers.
- Low Health ~ As it approaches Low health, it becomes comically suicidal, Angry, and does 15% more damage, Glows a bit red, and emits humerous "Angry" Beeps & Boops
- 5% Health ~ Comes Screaming ' Screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee' back to Clem-Frame, Hops on his back, to Reconstitute, and takes a random (10-30sec) period to return to battle
- Cannot Die, however if Taking damage at 1% Health makes Screaming sound like a baby R2D2 from StarWars
- Typically, even while attacking enemies, Latcher is slow to get enemy attention over other threats
- Accidently rolling over a proximity mine, or being involved in any explosion sends the Latcher Flying in a random Direction, while humerously screaming before falling down again
- Can be Modded with a blend of MOA / Sentinel set of mods

Armor: 330
Health: 400
Shields: None
Speed: 1.5
Polarities ~ 4x Precept, 1x Naramon, 1x Vazarin

Precept 01 - Seek and Kill ~ Seeks out nearby enemies, taking preference to targets who are in cover or crouching
Precept 02 - (Purchasable w Steel Meridian) Flash Bang - Blastwave Crits will cause 8 sec Blindness to all enemies (can stack)
Precept 03 - (Baro'Kiteer, 750 Ducats) Reconstitute - After 10kills, explodes violently, Heals you for 25% Hp, and Boosts armor by 25%, Cooldown to re-Deploy of 10sec. Armor Buff Lasts till Latcher Re-Deploys
- Latcher Cannot use any weapons other than Blastwave
- SOUND-Fx ~ Likely the same noises rollers make (Vauban) but perhaps in some kind of "cutified" or silly way. Beeps & Boops of curiousty while it rolls along
- Notes ~ 'Latcher' is the Grineer Proper term, however could be simply renamed "MiniBall", "MiniRoller" or even "Marbles"

Sentinel Weapon : Blastwave
- Uses Melee mods, only equippable by Latcher Sentinel Companion
- As the latcher rolls Near it's target, it Begins Blasting it's Attack, a Nova AOE of Damage
- SOUND-Fx ~ Some kind of Vrrr'ing Plasmic Blasting ... and sort of mechanical/Transformers -- should sound cool and different
Attack Speed: 1.2
Critical Chance: 27%
Critical Multiplier: 3x
Status : 27%
Range: 7.0 (Damage AOE bubble of effect, hits anything in range)
Impact: 35
Blast: 55
Heat: 15


01 - Deployable Barrier___________
- costs 35 energy
- There's a small 0.5% chance when setting the Barrier down, it just explodes instead (Blast damage) and you and anything nearby is knockedDown
- Drops a Grineer Barrier to take Cover From
- Duplicates your Health/Armor
- Can have 3x Barriers at rank 3
- Barriers can take enemy attention and divert Some attacks away from you
- SOUND-Fx ~ Inflating Balloon & Deflating Balloon sounds (ingame already?) and Exploding Balloon
- Duration Raises #number of Barriers to a maximum of 6x 
- Efficiency has no effect
- Range Makes larger Barriers
- Strength raises Barrier Armor
: Corpus Absorption Barrier - purchase via Perrin Sequence (Yes .. Awkward indeed haha)
- Deploys like a taller Corpus Energy Barrier, It's Translucent shade is colored by your warframe's energy color
- Taking significant damage (scaling per rank down, More than 5% at max rank) the barrier releases 25 Energy

02 - Jetpack / SmolderFade______________
- Grineer Tech is occasionally goofy, Both Jetpack & SmolderFade have a 0.5% chance of randomly exploding while in operation, hurting you mildly, likely getting attention of enemies, and causing other players to laugh very loudly and point at you.
- NEGATIVE Range, under 85% -ALTERS- Jetpack to SMOLDERFade
- As long as RANGE remains at 86% or higher, you will have JETPACK function
- Both Jetpack & SmolderFade offer kind-of Melee Damage to enemies via Collision
- Collision Damage = Your Armor Value.

- Drains 10 Energy / sec
- Will Animate on his Back, Jetpack Flames + Very Smokey
- Allows Archwing Style Flight, but far Crappier, and very clumsy, This is NOT razorwing aka Titania, not even close, but it's still flying nonetheless
- When attempting just to Hover, it will slowly start veering slowly in one direction or other, requiring player upkeep & attention
- Lurching motions that hold too much momentum for prolonged use, will take on too much momentum, and you won't be able to turn .. you will likely crash.
- Intended to be almost funny to watch from co-players seeing you .. 'Is that guy drunk? Can't fly to save his butt' .. why didn't he just use Titania for this mission?
- Players that DO fly well will get praise from co-players ~ ' Wow that guy knows how to handle a ClemFrame!' .. Wow that player is really good! 
- Use it to Get to strategic Locations, or with difficulty take a sniper shot/Bow from Air
- Can Use his Modified Propaganda Drone or Ammo Rain Abilities while in flight, but not Deployable Barrier
- During This skills usage, Latcher will wait on your shoulder
- Colliding with enemies at High Speed has the potential to do Huge Impact Damage, However You will take Some Health damage as well
- SOUND-Fx ~ Sounds like a hilarious stuttering farting contraption with pops and empty moments and whining jets
- Duration, Efficiency & Strength contribute to Drop Energy Cost
- Positive Range+ has No Effect
- NEGATIVE Range, under 85% -ALTERS- Jetpack to SMOLDERFade

- Augment: JETPACK Augment: SMOKER - Purchase via Red Veil * Requires JETPACK
- Jetpack release a HUGE amount of smoke while flying around, and enemies trying to shoot through the smoke experience LOS problems, and those caught within the smoke cannot aim at all and can accidently shoot at anything, including friendly units, Also Causes Radiation Damage 50/s, and can CRIT! (30% crit, 3.0 Multipler) however does not proc STATUS
- Duration of each sequential smoke Puff (max ranks) 12seconds, Affected by Duration++
- Size of each smoke Puff(max ranks) 3m, Affected by Range++
- Damage affected by Strength++

- Activation Cost 25 Energy, Drains 2% Armor/s to Maintain
- Reverse Plasma & Engines upon Self, Sacrificing Armor rapidly while becoming a Blurry, Smoldering Pyro
- Not traditional Invisibility, Best used in careful mid-range walk-arounds, or Close quarters Ambush-Chains
- It still is invisibility and will compete vs Loki, Ivara, Ash etc -- People who min/max and argue about invisibility will include Clem-Frame on pros/cons
- This is dangerous, risky Invisibility, but with possible huge Payoff
- All forms of healing, regeneration, or health gain cease to work while SmolderFaded.
- You cannot leave to Operator while SmolderFaded
- Enemies within 10m have 35% Status chance to take a radiation Proc, RANGE mods don't affect the range
- you will Walk like a Drunk, and unable to run. Only drunk walking + crouch-walking will work. It will be funny. Don't roll .. you will laugh as he flops down.
- Your visual Appearance to other players will be a Disconnected series of Zappy electric horizontal Lines and Gassy appearance, and mostly faded
- You the actual Player will have a Red Haze (or selected energy color) of 15%, and Occasional Static Like lines across your FOV
- Approaching enemies too close (Less than > 3m) Enemies will sense the Heat, and rough image of you and attack regardless - 'Attack that gassy thing!'
- Any stray bullets, or attack on you while SmolderFaded will unleash Blast & Radiation Explosion, causing you to fall, and potentially damaging enemies.
- Running into Enemies will cause them severe, stacking Fire & Radiation Procs, but they'l be aware of your presence afterwards and attack you
- Each Second being Used, your armor drops by 2%, steadily increasing in armor loss faster
- Each Second being used, The potential Harm you can cause to enemies with collision will also rise (Scott would have to enumerate this right)
- Armor loss /per sec  is slowed by Duration++
- At total Armor Loss, You fall down (Blast Effect), are set aflame, and begin Burning to death, and SMOLDERFade needs to be deactivated
- while on the ground burning to Death, you cannot move, and your Hps will rapidly drop, approaching zero, and you are visible to enemies, also players will not get a revive prompt when near you
- If not deactivated in time when Burning to Death, you die. Other players point and laugh. There will be a MASSIVE Radiation + Blast Explosion on death, 25m Radius, 700 dmg
- If deactivated before Burning to Death, your Armor meltdown will gradually reverse (visible with Buff icon)
- Reactivating Smolderfade while your Armor meltdown is recovering .. will cause it decay once again, but faster without having had a chance to cool off
- Any contact with COLD in any way (Have a Frost Buddy? ) stepping into cold on the Floor .. playing on Venus etc, Will greatly aid Armor Recovery
- SOUND-Fx ~ Should have a Crackling Flame, but electronic .. radio like Droning.. that rises in pitch and starts becoming near unbearble to listen to anyone nearby as approaching 1% armor
- Duration - Reduces Armor Drain % from 2% to eventually 0.5% /s
- Efficiency - Reduces the Clumsiness of walking
- Range - * More Negative Range ~ Reduces your attention getting Heat Radius, from 3m to less
- Strength - Reduces the ramping Speed of Armor Drain, So the Drain eventually remains more linear, rather than ramping up

- Augment: Core Plasma Whip  - Purchase via New Loka * Requires SMOLDERfade
- Holding (melee) for 3sec, Charges Up a useable Plasma Whip into existence, that is Fueled By a 12% armor cost
- Once created, Tap (melee) to attack, costing 2 Energy to use. Will NOT Break Invisibility
- Killing enemies recovers 1% armor
- Appearance is quite Basic, looking like a crackling, flaming Whip in 1 hand, dangling to the ground - colored by energy color
- SoundFX ~ Crackling Flame & Whip like sounds
- Useful when not equipped with silenced weapons, and managing Armor-Economy, well suited towards Infested enemies
- Will open an Exalted Weapon Spot in your Arsenal, and will have option to be skinned as other Whips
Attack Speed: 0.9
Critical Chance: 33%
Critical Multiplier: 5x
Status : 19%
Range: 4.5m 
Slash: 90
Heat: 90


03 - Modified Propaganda Drone___________________
- 75 Energy
- on release, Drone cancels all Alarms, and Hangs around you Briefly (Animation of a huge sonar Wave and Whooping sound)
- This will also cancel enemy suspicion of finding bodies, or having heard gunfire of any kind.
- while Flying along with you, You and Nearby Warframes have 35% increased Reload Speed, and Damage
- As long as you don't Attack (excluding your Latcher acting on its own) Drone remains following you, and the BUFF holds
- You (and only you) gradually gain an Armor Buff, 1% per second, that will later Fade at 1% per second 
- As long as you avoid attacking, the Drone Continues to Hover Nearby you, and periodically re-pulse a local Enemy Attention Dampener ~ They could still see you and attack however
When you finally Attack ~
- When you attack - MPD Drone Flies towards the 1st enemy, emitting Propaganda (Creating a Diversion, 12seconds are rank3), and this causes enemies to completely ignore you and reset their behavior to an un-Alert State, and While the Drone continues to randomly move generally away from you, the enemies will slowly walk in the direction of the Drone before they lose interest. During this Time, any enemy that Dies inside 2 seconds will not avert, or alert other enemies who've taken interest in the Drone. 
- After it's Diversion The Drone Dissipates, falling to the ground as an Armor buff (clemFrame only), Which can be used in forestalling Armor Drain from SmolderFade
- Damage & Reload Buff Remains Active until Drone Finishes its Diversion Time
- SOUND-Fx ~ Loud Whoops and Radio Pulsing like sounds .. mostly like the existing Propaganda Drones have
- NOTE ~ If used directly next to a Security Access, will instantly Solve it, however the Drone will be Expended
- - - And if will Make you untraceable (think Ivara's Augment) by all lasers / cameras for 12seconds, rank3 (Diversion time)
- Duration - Increases How Long the Drone Creates a Diversion
- Efficiency - Reduces the energy Cost
- Range - Increases the Movement Speed of the Drone (Base: 1.0)
- Strength - Increases Reload & Damage Buff power

- Augment: They All Will Follow - Purchase via Cephalon SUDA
- The Drone no longer grants the Buff, but will still cancel/unlock securities, Nor does it dissipate into an Armor Buff
- The Drone immediately Flies forward, this time with a continuous sonic pulse attracting much more enemies and will take enemies much further, and they will follow much faster, the result being enemies are herded much further away from you than without the Augment. At the end (12sec diversion duration) MPD will MASS-scan everything nearby (Cephalon SUDA rep+) , all the enemies it has rallied, all objects into a huge singular scan concluding in a Large 325 Dmg Magnetic Explosion. Enemies Will repattern their Patrols to the new area they've been lead to, unaware of injury or casualties after the magnetic explosion, or any bodies.


04 - Ammo Rain_____________________________
- 150 Energy, Charge 1sec & Release to Activate
- Tap to Change Ammo Type (Sniper, Shotgun, Rifle, Pistol, Arrows)
- Rains down Ammo of the Selected Type at Targeted Area
- Animation ~ As the Ammo drops, they appear as visually larger Ammo Bullets, and Boxes / clips / magazines for better readability
- All players benefit getting free Ammo of the Type while standing within the rain
- Players will incur 15% friendly damage while entering the Rain 1x time
- During Ammo Rain, Latcher will wait on your shoulder
- SOUND-Fx ~ Depending on Ammo Type, the Appropriate kind of metallic clanking and spattering sounds
- Radius (Rank3) 20m
- Duration (Rank3) 12 seconds
- Damage 100, damage type dependant on Ammo Used, Scales w Enemy level like other warframe skills
- Status 35%
Sniper Ammo ~ Puncture
Shotgun Ammo ~ Blast, can proc Blast-Knockdown to anyone
Rifle Ammo ~ Impact
Pistol Ammo ~ Slash
Arrows ~ Impale Enemies 5sec, 50% Puncture Damage
- Duration - Increases the Duration
- Efficiency - Increases the amount of Ammo Recovery to friendly warframes
- Range - Increases the effect radius
- Strength - Increases the Damage and Status Chance%
- Augment: Clem's Rage - Purchase from Darvo's Shop, randomly when he offers it during a daily sale, or as random Drop on Clem Mission
- For the duration of Ammo Rain:
- Wield Exalted Twin Grakata, Much Like Pistol: Twin Grakatas, with 15% better Stats
- With this Augment Present, The Arsenal Includes Twin Grakatas in an Exalted Weapons Tab.
- During Ammo Rain, You will Phantom-Shoot At random Enemies while both being able to shoot the Grakatas - It will look super cool
- When Not shooting, you will periodically Hold the Grakata's High Up, and Hear Clem yelling "Grakata!!" Which will cause Nearby Enemies to hesitate for a moment
- You will have a Red Ribbon Hanging from you much like Clem, and Gain 2% health with every Kill
- Your Posture will change to a more aggressive stance for the Duration
- Clem's Rage will continue for 5 seconds After Ammo Rain finishes, Affected by Duration
- You can swap weapons to cancel Clem's Rage, but now it's Cancelled. Consider wisely.
- Unlike real Grakatas:
Exalted has a one size renewable Magazine ~ 333 Rounds, Reloads at 11 Bullets/sec -- Reload speed improved by Efficiency
Strength Raises Damage
Range Raise Magazine Size
All ammo / clipsize / Magazine mods in this exalted weapons have no effect (Propose DE dis-includes them for potential selection in modding)
- If your regularly equipped Pistols are Also 'Twin Grakatas' They will have 35% improved reload Speed,and Clip & Magazine sizes



LORE & Story Opportunities
- This could open a huge can of worms of fleshing characters out further - " The Bold Mis-Adventures of Darvo & Clem "- the most obvious being an additional Nightwave STyle (the Other radio opposite the Nightwave radio)
- What happens if Clem starts fiddling with KUVA & Chemicals
- Could ALAD V become involved in his typically Slimey way?
- Stories could be tied to Steel Meridian, and a host of subjects, and even the Infested could become involved.
- Darvo Can be taken more in depth beyond just the guy we saved, Frohd Bek's kiddo with Stuff for sale.
- Perhaps Darvo & Clem can go on a wild Space adventure on the Railjack with us, and turns out Clem KNOWs things he shouldn't leading us to new crazy discoveries out in space? 
- your wild ideas? -> -- post below, I'll pin them in here.



Document Maintained Here

~ note, I happen to be a mostly retired game Designer, but I've enjoyed my warframe hobby so much in the recent year, it's inspired me to do this, for fun .. and partially a serious proper warframe Proposition

I love the Grineer Theme, and Clem is my favourite like other Players & fans, I'm sure this isn't a New Idea, I've been warframing only 1year thus far, and love this game. Warframe is my favourite hobby, and i've been itching to write this up for a few months now.
- This basic idea could easily extend to a Corpus themed warframe (..covered by Vauban already?.. or Protea?..) or even a Sentient Hybrid Amalgam (Alad V story mission?)
- I would LOVE to explore a Pet Type Grineer/Warframe (Drahk Master, Hyekka Master)
- I periodically watch DE devstreams, and feel the passion they (Steve & Scott) have for their Product, and it's refreshing to see, compared to some of the horrible studio environments i've worked at in in the past 20years. It's really refreshing to see how -mostly-sane- they appear, and wonderful their PR work is, and responding to Fans .. as best as they can. For all the criticism the company gets, and having worked in the Games industry 20 years myself, *Shrug .. They're doing a great job. There's oceans of bad out there, and atrocious unforgivable design and monetization today. It least this company cares about Art & Design as much as they do.
- All Values & Numbers are a rough approximation, outside of proper GameDesign Q & A process
- There is a lot of Augment Mods to consider; Likely maybe 2x would be picked for the launch of this 'warframe'  

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Someone mentioned to me an Amazing Idea for the Name of this CLEM-Frame

 " .. not only could it be a steel Meridian Mission to retreive a Kuva-Lich for Study .. But that actual Kuva-Lichs Name will become the eventual Name your Clem-Frame has at the end of the mission, and getting the actual Blueprints .. "

^ I freaking love this idea.

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Make the grakata shoot the projectiles of the Kuva Ayanga then it will be as powerful as Clem actually is he holds his power back because Clem is secretly a warframe that can destroy the corpus fleet for fun if he feels like it

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Realized it makes no sense I’m just bored
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Clem & Darvo Expanded ~ (Grineer & Corpus Adventures)
- Another really wild idea (Distant future? .. lol) -- Would be a departure from TENNO as the primary means of experience. What If ... You could in fact play as CLEM in occasional Nightwave styled series (and/or Darvo), interacting with Darvo and others, in ongoing adventures in the cosmos? And there is a free terminal opposite of the Nightwave terminal on the Ship ~ Perhaps your TENNO 'Watches' (plays as-) Clem in "The Wacky and Bold Adventures of Darvo & Clem " 
- Could this also mean Corpus play via being DARVO? Egads!

* Tries to put the cap back on can of worms ... Arrrrrgh

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4 hours ago, 3rdpig said:

What does "Modified Propaganda Drone" do in Corpus areas?

Make them put quarters in it and start dancing?

Hahhahahah! Indeed a bit of a design kerfuffle

Humorously, I think the most realistic thing is the corpus boys laying down shots and shooting the thing dead, then coming after you with Glee. <-- Perhaps that's exactly what should happen, this sounds fun.

^ Vs following design vanilla ~ they should appropriately pay attention and act as the Ability entails <-- More "Designer ' ish "

Personally I love the idea of the MPD drone screwing things up on occasion and all things going to hell, and blowing cover & Setup vs Corpus. More * fun * building. That Being said, I think my fellow designers would say the design stands as is, But Heck, if Scott wanted to make it goofy & Fun, I'm all for it

- I'm totally open to creative neat, Lore fitting game goof ups.
- What if (fun what-the-heck-idea here) The MPD Beamed out HOLO-posters of propganda displaying the correct "Follow this Faction" kinda thing ~
vs Grineer ~ HOLO of Vay Hek going on about hating  A B C
vs Corpus ~ Nef Anyo Coo Coo'ing about money as supreme, and whatever plans he has
vs Infested ~ Strange mucus sounds and gurgling ? LOL
vs Sentient ~  ... I don't know, BALLAS looking sad ? ( LOL) ... I think vs Sentient the MPD is just gonna die, or be ignored
vs Corrupted ~ .. ? I ... dont .. know .. here .. ? Some kinda Orokin speech ? (grasping at straws here)
------- *ABC community / designers/ writers ideas insert here ------



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On 2020-02-20 at 5:46 PM, (PS4)Gammatron- said:

Hahhahahah! Indeed a bit of a design kerfuffle

Humorously, I think the most realistic thing is the corpus boys laying down shots and shooting the thing dead, then coming after you with Glee. <-- Perhaps that's exactly what should happen, this sounds fun


Darn, I was looking forward to a drone that blasted out "Everybody was kung fu fighting, those kicks were fast as lightning" while the Corpus danced and I slaughtered them with my Prisma Obex while kicking out with some serious break dancing moves.

Ok, not really. lol

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