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Void reactant not spawning


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Was just doing some relic farming and had a interception were even after the rounded ended and killing everything on 9 traces spawned to collect no more so the group i was in didnt get to collect a reward and lost out on the relics (at least 1-2 were fully upgraded relics). Can someone please inform me why this might have happened cause its kinda frustrating.

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1 hour ago, Itsgud said:

lost out on the relics

FYI, you don't lose Relics until you actually open them.

Alas, not enough Reactant is a somewhat common occurrence in e.g. Interception / Defense.

One "solution" is to wait and not capture all towers immediately / not clear waves as fast as possible,
but that really shouldn't be necessary, e.g. Exterminate had its Reactant drop rate turned up to 11
so the first ~20 enemies already give you all you need, just make other missions follow suit
(not least of all Capture, sometimes enemies just stop spawning / trickle in by a handful every minute or so, urgh).

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