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Show some love to our pets a new warframe is im order


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We need a new warframe that should be based on our pets the kubrows and kavats for now we only have one warframe that is based on one side which is khora who has a pet kavat to help her on her missions 

This gave me the idea on a new warframe that the orokin would most definitely have created since they loved their pets and they would of most likely have made a warframe force that are solely based on them and have a warframe that is solely designed on the control of said animals kinda like how the police use dogs to look for criminals 

This lead me to create these abilities and story that it most likely could have 

If you guys have any suggestion on what should be nerfed, buffed or fully reworked come and leave a message on what should be done 

Warframe name: Ajax 


Pack leader all pets have increase damage and armor.

1st ability hunger 

Consumes an enemy to gain health 

2nd ability howl of the beast

all frames and companions have increase resistance to damage and enemies loose 20% of armor due to fear 

(This will not make them flee)

3rd curse of the old blood

enemies that are killed with this ability return to life as beast like entities max 4 and fight along side you they will remaining close by to form a pack

(The newly made entities must consume enemies to be kept alive. The longer they last without eating the faster they will die when they consume an enemy they regain a small amount of health. Health lost due to hunger is permanently lost)

4th feeding frenzy

you and all pets are placed in a blood lust frenzy and must consume enemies to maintain form this will cause you to loose health the longer you don't kill people and waste more energy. The more enemies you consume the longer the form lasts 

(You regain a small amount of health when enemies are consumed)

This warframe wil not have any shields relying more on its animalistic features to survive in the battlefield.

Will have similar health stats like inaros and nidus 

Orokin scientist have made the warframe to resemble a large animal like creature this helps the frame to become the pack leader much more quicker and effectively when placed in close proximity of kubrows and kavats 

"This warframe believe it or not was used as a sort of police force they would deploy them in large numbers with kubrows and kavats to look for criminals"

"Sadly when the war happened they became hunters and killers they would hunt down any orokin that attempted to escape these beast were ....... extremely effective luckily for us they kept enough of their sanity to remember one thing to protect the innocent " - little duck

the parts for the warframe should be found in the orb vallis to obtain the bp you will receive a call from the biz explaining to you that some of his scouts spotted a never before seen beast being chased by the corpus obviously he wants you to find him and bring him back to fortuna 

Once your out in the vallis and reach the last area were the scouts saw the beast you will see a trail of dead corpus leading to a cave in there will find a bunch of kubrodons eating a corpus poacher you will be tasked to capture them alive and explore the cave in which you will find claw marks all over the wall. As you check the marks little duck will call you.

She will tell you that she has seen those marks before but doesn't remember were she will also tell you that biz left fortuna.

The biz received more info on the beast that it was wounded near a cave just outside of fortuna about to be capture by corpus proxies.

You will then receive a distress call from biz while aslo hearing some beast like growls and noices

You will have to look for them and defend the entrance of the cave were biz's last distress call was made once you killed off the corpus you will head down the deep cave to find biz and the beast. Biz will be healing the beast who seemed to be a much more bigger and older looking than the normal ajax warframe.

Once you complete the mission you will receive a call from biz were he will ask you to meet him at his regular spot but to head towards some of the pipes in the back you will notice that there's a secrete door going inside it you will see biz's old room were he kept all his tools and weapons now refurbish for taking care of animals there you will find him taking care of the warframe now more healthier than before and it appears to have taken a liking to biz (note the frame acts more like a animal than a person) as you talk to him little ducky will walk in and give an explanation to what the creature is she will then scan him and hand you the blue print for the new warframe.

From there on the warframe will remain there as biz's new "pet" even giving him a name based on one of his old friends who died in their last home protecting the people from the profit taker.

I like the idea that this frame managed to survive all those years unlike most of the frames that have a story behind them have died or have been lost forever this one is still kicking and killing of course to keep the secretes of the orokin age i made him be more animalistic so that it cant even remember who it was or how to even speak making him an actual beast 

The actual warframe you make will be alot more smaller being close to the size pf chroma and similar physic and have whitish fur while the beast is much more bigger and has black fur with a few noticeable scars

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36 minutes ago, darudesandstorm1337 said:

We need a new warframe that should be based on our pets the kubrows and kavats

You might want to justify this statement.  Not a good way to start a post...

Oh and also wrong section.  Fan Concepts is where this belongs, not Feedback.

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