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Kuva Twin Kulstars - More Self Damage


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I absolutely love the Kulstar. Sadly it has no variants. There should be Kuva Twin Kulstars.

Kuva Twin Kulstars, compared to Kulstar:

  • Lower base damage (125 vs. 200)
    • Lower Impact b Impact damage (125 vs. 200)
    • Lower Blast b Blast damage for main explosion (200 vs. 300)
    • Lower Blast b Blast damage for bomblet explosion (150 vs. 225)
  • Higher projectile count
    • Higher projectile count for main projectile (2 vs. 1)
    • Higher projectile count for bomblets (4 vs. 3)
  • Higher critical chance (25% vs. 17%)
  • Higher critical multiplier (3.0x vs. 2.3x)
  • Higher fire rate (4.0 rounds/sec vs. 2.0 rounds/sec)
  • Larger magazine (8 rounds vs. 3 rounds)
  • Larger max ammo capacity (30 rounds vs. 15 rounds)
  • Slower reload speed (4.0 s vs. 2.0 s)
  • Less accurate (13.0 vs. 26.7)
  • Larger blast radius (5.0 vs. 3.0)
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