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Afuris And Furis Reload Animation


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Yes I know I started this topic already but the DE guys told me it's in the wrong spot.


The reload animation is still the default as if the mag is in the handle but i think the reload animation should be the big mag towards the front...for the furis: the warframe grabs the mag and takes it off and then goes to grab a new one from his/her side and puts it in the spot (much like the sobek)...for the afuris: the mags fall at the start then when the warframe brings the weapons down towards the sides, new mags appears (much like the original but the mags fall off and reappear) 

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Yea please, unique reloads for all weapons by launch would be perfect, just one thing... magazines.

Yes! And before someone says they're the same thing, they're not. Clips are a tool for loading rounds into a magazine(can be external or internal), magazines feed rounds into the firing chamber. 

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