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Wtb vault


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Not sure where I'm allowed to post. I asked for a price check n got banned from game chat. Can't even talk to my clan or squad. Obviously can't use any tab for a price check effectively. Trade moves too fast n ppl aren't going to waste there 1 every 120sec message to answer some noobs questions on price. Really? It's been 5-6 hours n I still don't have access to chat.  I need the following

PS4 if u can help @ General_Favel.    

Hydroid P

Cernos P

Tiberon P 

Akvasto p 

Balistica P 

Akbolto P

Nami Skyla P

Kogake P

Kronen P

Venka P. 

Also need the following non-vaulted items tho lower priority: AtlasP, ChromaP, EquinoxP, IvaraP, MesaP, OberonP, AkjagaraP,  AklexP,  AksomatiP, BazaP, destrezaP, GramP, KronenP, NikondiP, RubicoP, RedeemerP, StradavarP, SybarisP, TekkoP,, TipedoP, ZhugeP.     As I said before the vaulted items are my priority and will buy most those first before buying the non-vaulted items.     Hopefully I don't get banned for using forums to trade. They got way stricter and I'll prob get banned for saying it.    Any tyvm.  Hmu PS4 General_Favel

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On 2020-02-16 at 3:10 PM, Pr1A said:

Try warframe.market

What this guy said. Go to that link. Search the thing you’re looking for then open the statistic page to figure out prices.

price checking in regional is the thing that get you ban... i think. Just wait a few days the ban will be lifted

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