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Wisp augment request


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I'd love to see an augment for reservoirs that allows you to either put down a single large reservoir or all available reservoirs at once, for the appropriate energy cost. I usually throw down all 3 at once and this would be an enormous quality of life benefit for me as a wisp main. The mod doesn't even have to buff the ability i just want to stick all reservoirs down in a single ability cast. Pretty please!


PS let us put armour on the moonless kavat you cowards

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I would prefer it if the augment causes switching the Reservoirs type swapping all active Reservoirs belonging to you on the map to that type.

Which translates to you and teammates standing next to a Reservoir, you triple tap the 1 key, and all three buffs get picked up by everybody around it. Swap to a type you want to have infinite duration on and switch on the fly.

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