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Lonely Tenno Seeks Laid Back Clan


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Hello Tenno! I am looking for a clan of cool, active, laid back and drama free players! I am willing to donate time and resources to help the Clan grow. Listed below is a list of my Pros and Cons.


-I am as active as I can be (husbandly duties, full time job and helping my family come first!).

-I am good natured and do not cause/like Drama!

-Willing to listen.

-Willing to help.


-I do not use VOIP of any kind (wife and I live in a studio and the last things you want to hear are whatever B rate horror movie she is watching on netflix, or whatver we are talking about while I am playing).

Lastly I will also let it be known that I am a true gamer (PC, consoles, handhelds, card games, board games etc. Hell I got maried with my GBA in my tux pocket! =O) so from time to time I will go inactive due to a new title that catches my interest, but I enjoy warframe and will always be back.

Thank you for your time!

IGN: TransistorX

Edit: My Region is North America-West in case that matters.

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You're always welcomed to join the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Transistor! All Region and Casual [size=1](We certainly still have our veteran players)[/size]. We are not a fan based clan and we welcome anyone from any region, regardless of your interests, rank, playtime, and ideals! If you're interested, please familiarize yourself with the rules(Creeds) and requirements before submitting a request! ^^

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