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I think under-performing weapons could be addressed by frame weapon specializations.


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I realize that some frames have innate abilities or whatever but i mean either mechanic bonuses, damage bonuses, etc... Localizing individual buffs to specific frames only allows a control mechanism that prevents these changes being exploited by other frames to make the weapon overpowered. For instance, given the things that Chroma and Mirage are capable of, any significant increase in one weapon's damage could be used to game breaking effects. 

But lets look at some weapons that on the whole are underwhelming in performance. Bows, thrown weapons (kunai and such), semi auto and burst fire rifles... these are just some examples of weapons that have maybe one or two good weapons in their field, but on the whole are not overwhelming. This would kinda be cherry picked because clearly an affinity meant to increase the viability of bows should not effect weapons like the Lenz and Bramma which not only don't need a buff, but only really count as bows in the fact that they look like bows...

I was thinking about things like Ivara, being based on a poison tree frog, when she is using arrows or thrown weapons like kunai, spira, stars, etc, they will receive an innate element damage bonus based on what arrow she has equipped in her quiver, dash could be electric, sleep could be toxin, attract arrow could be fire, and cloak could be electric, the exact status percent and element damage could be tied to her power. low power, low bonus damage, low percentage, high damage, high bonus damage, high percentage. Ash could have a flat damage increase for silent ninja weapons like bows and thrown weapons plus get a considerable bonus to projectile speed and innate punch through. Mesa's ability for increased reload speed could apply to any "cowboy" like weapons such as semi auto rifles and burst fire rifles, maybe snipers, with a flat bonus increased damage and innate punch through, maybe even the ability to over-penetrate through enemy bubbles allowing her to directly injure the target inside?....Or maybe have her power strength increase her head-shot multiplier? 

What I'm kinda looking at here is things that would increase the viability of certain weapons while equipped by frames that thematically match that weapon type... This allows all weapons to have a chance to shine, on certain frames, while preventing frames that are capable of buffing damage to ridiculous degrees from being able to exploit those buffs. 

I realize it's been discussed before but there are, like it or not, a lot of weapons, even newer weapons, that just can't compete against some of the hard pounding weapons of Warframe. Making some weapons really good, but only on certain specific frames, is one way to solve that issue...

Okay maybe im not getting across exactly what i want to say but it's after 1am and maybe im not thinking clearly, i respect this isn't going to happen or i might have put a lot more thought into it.

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