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Two new concept frames


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So I got two concept frames to discuss, just for fun. Feel free to add or change whatever you like

1st Frame)

NAME: Geist, the ghost frame

APPEARANCE (Can't draw so I will describe how I see it).

A small, female bodied frame, which, like Wisp and Titanaia has a floating movement.

The frame is mostly covered in a tattered cloak (picture a standard wraith), and parts of the body seem to fade in and out of visibility. The body parts visible are skeletal in appearance.


1. Posession (Timed ability): Geist takes control of an enemy, and you end up playing as that enemy for a time, this make her undetecable until attacking (any attacks from her will do bonus stealth damage for x seconds). To make this more fun, she can gain access to any abilites that enemy might possess. Lasts until time runs out or the possesed enemy is killed. Can't be used on bosses.

2. Ecotoplasm (Like Embers fireball): Geist leaves a blob of ectoplasm on the ground, damaging and slowing enemies that touch it.

3. Unnerve: Geist makes various spooky sounds (coming from Lockers, containers etc, or seemingly from nowhere) distracting and unnerving enemies to the point there reactions are slowed, and even causing them to drop their weapons in fear.

4. Telekinesis (channel ability): Geist picks up everything in front of her (enemies, ammo drops etc, the more picked up the bigger the drain on energy) and can throw them around using the mouse, bouncing them off roofs and walls.

Passive: Intangibilty, pressing Shift makes her Intangible, unable to damage or be damaged as well as being able to pass through small barriers (Can drain energy to stop frame being able to cheese spy-type missions).

Idea behind the frame:

I wanted a poltergeist-like frame (hence the name) since Wisp came out, I think it would be fun to run around as an Intangible (Not having a phsical presance, can't be touched) ghost, taking direct control of  an enemy (differing from the ability from frames like Nyx and Revenant), and using that to sow destruction and confusion. Then, after confusing and traping enemies picking them up and ragdolling them around with her 4 ability, just to add insult and injury to more injury. This frame would primaraly be a kind of stealth/ CC type frame.


2nd Frame).

NAME: Bismarck, the battleship frame.

APPEARANCE: A large, heavilly armoured male frame, with an autocannon on one shoulder. The helmet is similar to the bow of a ship 


1. Keel haul: Bismark traps enemies with chains, and drags them behind him, the furthur dragged the more damage dealt

2. Depth Charge: Bismarck drops a bomb into the ground that lasts until an enemy triggers it


4. Forward Battery: Bismarck kneels down and fires a barrage of rockets at the cursor, Hold the ability button to mark enemies and fire tracking missiles

Passive: Goalkeeper: The autocannon on Bismarks shoulder will target and destroy incoming missiles, grenades or other small objects traveling towards him. (After firing for x amount of time or destroying x amount of projectiles the autocannon enters a cooldown/ reload state, and won't trigger for x seconds.

Idea behind frame:

Obviously this frame is inspired by the German Battleship of the same name. This would be a heavy tank frame, able to deal out and take a lot of damage.

I can picture this frame walking into a large group of enemies and desmating them with and overwelming weight of firepower.

(Ps, for those who don't know the goalkeeper is the name of a real gun that does the exact same thing https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goalkeeper_CIWS





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