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The expansive vortex canyons are Mars' expansive landscape. It is a barren, empty landscape riddled with large valleys and cliffs, but hidden among the caves are the tombs of the Golden Skymen, Orokin Officers that perished against the might of Inaros. Explore the huge area, fend off Grineer, and visit the tiny makeshift village of Ecole. Here you may accept bounties from the village chief, Agdol, as well as special missions called tomb raids. The village also features a sentinel craftman, who will be glad to craft you your own custom sentinel. Explore the villiages deeper areas to find the Quill's agents.


Grineer walker: A two legged walker that traverses the terrain and blasts at nearby tenno. 

Grineer skiff: A small speeder controlled by a single pilot. Armed with a high-damage shotgun weapon.

Orokin sand phantoms: A result of orokin continuity, undying vengeance, and sentient souls. To take them down, weaken them with your void powers, then plant a power cell inside it. Detonate the power cell once safely out of the way, and kill it. 

Sand whispers: How you get the power cell. Behaves like a vomvalyst. 


Sandstorms occur every 30 minutes in the canyons and last for 20 minutes. During sandstorms, whispers and phantoms will spawn, giving you a chance to take them down.


Cloak: the assassin sent to kill Inaros by the Orokin high council.

Parts are dropped by phantoms. 

Ability 1: Predator mode-highlights enemies through walls and makes them more vulnerable to damage. 

Ability 2: Blast: Cloak draws two ghostly shotguns, blasting two rounds in quick succession, stealing health and armor

Ability 3: Shadow dagger: Cloak pulls his dagger and becomes a wraith. Select an enemy to teleport to them and stab them, charging that enemy with explosive shadow energy. The enemy then explodes, dealing blast damage to all enemies in a radius.

Ability 4: Blackhole- Cloak manifests himself onto an enemy, making the enemy into a black hole. All enemies are drawn into the blackhole, taking slash damage over time. The blackhole lasts for 10 seconds. When 3 is casted during this, the enemy will explode immediately, dealing increased damage to all enemies in the blackhole

Passive: Any health stolen will boost cloak's armor.


Avoid the traps and infiltrate the sacred burial chambers of the Golden Skymen to get exclusive loot, as well as umbra, aura, and normal forma. 

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