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Why the kuva weapon turn to the donor's element after fusion


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34 minutes ago, Sorrode said:

10/10 non-sensical design rip all people who did kuva weapons BEFORE the update

This doesn't bother me, actually. 

I'm only interested in gaining a copy of every kuva weapon, and adding radiation to it (using Nyx). The percents don't matter to me.

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On 2020-02-16 at 9:40 AM, GrazeZeroLow said:

rip all people who did kuva weapons BEFORE the update

The updated didn't change anything about this.... so???

How doesn't it make sense to be this way? in a ideal world you would be able to chose which element you want, sure... but now just keep making Lichs with the element and weapon you want, done.

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When Valence Fusion was Valence Transfer instead, it replaced the entire bonus with that of the donor. That allowed you to change the element or substitute a higher roll on a weapon you'd already invested a catalyst and polarizations and so on into, but was independent of the valence on the original weapon. It was a complete replacement. It replaced the element because that was the point.

Valence Fusion is that, but with funny business that always increases the bonus percentage. 

If everything was maximally convenient, I suppose that you'd select the gun with the element you want and then it would inherit the best numbers and the polarizations and so on of both. But really, you get to pick the element of the donor weapon when you go and get it anyway, so it doesn't actually make anything any more inconvenient.

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Assuming you want different element for different weapon

-Anyone who grind their lich before the update would have a bunch of weapons

-You prob would have invested your forma and potato onto some 50+ weapons with the right element bz u didnt know the update will allow you to further improve the stats

-New update also brings new weapon, assuming you want a specific element for a new weapon that's not a old weapon, but you see a lich with your old weapon that you can use to upgrade your weapon, now you have to skip it because it has the wrong element?

-If it is fusion, why is the 'donors' element the determining factor for the finale weapon???

-If it is fusion, and the donor have enough weight to determine the element, why does the forma and potato disappear? Where did they go when they fuse together??? You just throw it away??? Then why does the element remain???????

Of cause it is an non-issue for people who just need one element type, it just make people who wants more than one element type needing to roll their lich double for every type of element they want, as the roll of weapon needs to happen when you are running the right element

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