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Index Map


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Index isnt really anyone's first pick when it came to doing things in warframe, But this new map makes it even more undesirable. 
Its too big, the multi teirs makes it more annoying then fun to navigate, its dingy and doesn't look like an arena and the coins get caught in all the doodads. 
Lets go back to the old map and make the whole experience less eye rolly.

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They don't spawn, they jump. Kind of like how you'll see Grineer jump up and down ledges, except here, it's jumping across the map, from base to base. 

I've seen single frames of bots from both teams just airborne in the middle map. Sure enough, they made it to the other side. Rephrasing: for a fraction of a second, you can see them as they move faster than the game can render. 


I do see enemies spawning next to our goal on all maps, if the enemy base is occupied by other players. That was done to prevent spawn killing. But causes spawn scoring. As enemies don't even need to kill to be worth 1 point. 

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3 hours ago, (PS4)robotwars7 said:

haven't seen it. does it have a lot of Vents and secret routes like that one indoor map does? because that one is a PITA when trying to do the Nightwave Index challenge, and it'll be even harder doing it on a map I don't know well.

The "new map" is that one.


The "old map" can now only be seen when doing Glast Gambit quest, and to me it was a way cooler map.


The new map is huge, hard to see things, and buggy, only thing I liked about it, is that it make extremely easy to cheese things with Khora (her dome chains are bigger than the "room" with the goal, so enemies get stuck on the wall outside, and even people with crappy gear and kill them by death of a thousand cuts).

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Assuming you mean the new Gas City Index arena, yeah, it's not as fun to play in as the others.


  • It's very big, and the best way around it is just on the main walkway loop on the ground floor.
  • While it plays with elevation more than the other maps, there's very little you can do with it. The upper level is barely accessible with Bullet Jumping from the lower level. This makes interplay between levels little more than Sniper-camping on a balcony.
  • Enemies spawn in the corners of the map, and the vast majority of combat is in those same corners surrounding the Energy pickup locations. Very little motion throughout the map.
  • Tons of rooms along the sides of the map are usually never used, because they and their access hallways are completely out of the way of the action and the fastest traversal routes.

Possible Fixes:

  • Introduce moving terrain elements to make traversal of the large map more interesting. Pads that launch us into the air or forward through space will help us make use of the large open spaces, and make traversal more exciting.
  • Consider the inclusion of environmental hazards like in the rest of the Gas City, forcing us to mix up how we play. For bonus points, these hazards could even harm or hinder enemies, so we could use the terrain and traversal to our advantage.
  • Spawn enemies in different locations, and have them do less funneling into the same corners. Have them come up onto the upper level sometimes to mess with the semi-afk players exploiting Umbra's passive players using Snipers.
  • Have intermediary platforms between the ground and upper levels. This makes the upper decks feel like less of an island.
  • Have explosive barrels in some of those side rooms, allowing us to blow out their windows and establish new paths around the map.
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