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Prova Modding issue (Bug? Feature?)


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The prova weapon family has the exclusive Static Discharge mod.  On heavy attack, it hits "nearby" enemies with 80% of the weapon's damage (electrical)

The issue is that "nearby" appears to have no range at all.

The only stance for the Prova is Shimmering Blight, and it's heavy attack is a spin which hits enemies in reach multiple times.  If an enemy is outside of heavy attack range, they do not receive any Static Discharge damage.

Effectively Static Discharge just adds +80% of the base damage (no multiplier) as an electrical effect to enemies you will already be smacking 3 times with the heavy attack spin (plus multiplier)

Shouldn't this be more like "enemies within 3-5 meters of you" or whatever?  I feel like just lightly caressing enemies with an extra electrical proc before you plow them into the ground with a heavy attack is just less effective than it should be.

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First of all, Shimmering Blight is a polearm stance.

Heavy attacks are not based on your stance. You can go without a stance and still do the same heavy attack by pressing middle mouse button as default.

Just checked the mod on some bombards and chargers in the simulacrum. The range is indeed around 3 meters, enemies get electrocuted as soon as the button is pressed, even before the heavy attack starts. The only issue was "1" damage from the electrocution. Doesn't feel like 80% of the damage at all.

So yeah, there might be an issue with prova, but idk, maybe i'm using the mod wrong.

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