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Mission marker permanence after objective completion


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It's been more than a year that we have this problem, i've seen it reported by other people too. Very often, almost always i would say, mission markers (sabotage consoles, reactors, things to destroy, excavators) linger on the screen even after their completion, in some cases till to mission extraction. This is quite annoying as it is cluttering the screen with useless markers, or, worst, misleading ones (the case of excavators), Examples below:

1) Sabotage console + cell lingering after objective completion


2) Sabotage reactor cells, already destroyed (next objective is: open the blast door)


3) Excavation: the 3 generic markers on screen are already completed excavators (they are not appearing on mini-map)


4) Excavation: fake excavator marker from an already completed axcavation


5) Message "Your teammate needs help to open a door' lingering on screen after the door has been opened


6) Railjack base sabotage, console already hackeck lingering on screeen. Playing SOLO.


7) Another sabotage example playing SOLO


And maaaaaany other examples

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