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Shedu inconsistent one handed behavior


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When using the Shedu in missions like Mobile Defense, Excavation, Grineer Settlement or Shipyard Sabotage or Disruption, the Shedu can be used while holding the respective object.

However, when performing an action that brings out the Parazon, or when downed, swapping back to the Shedu has inconsistent behavior regarding onehanded use:

Carrying an object and either performing a finisher (primarily on Lich Thralls, presumably also regular) or hacking a panel (tested on Moa cabinet, presumably also Lockdown) drops the datamass at the end of the finisher animation, upon swap from Parazon to Shedu. (expected: autoswapping from Parazon back to Shedu keeps the Datamass in the frames hand)

Getting downed with the Shedu as active weapon allows continued use while downed, and swapping to the secondary works, but then swapping back does not. (expected: being able to swap back and forth between Shedu and secondary while downed)


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