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Limbo's 1st & 3rd ability issue Still persist: Where's the color???


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I did my best to make this short enough, while giving needed points & detail to help y'all comprehend my direction with this topic:

I know you've heard/read about the cooperative issue many players have against Limbo throughout the years; which still continues to persist today... 7/10 times that I play a match with a 4/4 squad, there's going to be those few (or the entire team) that strongly urges me to not use my 1st & 3rd ability.. It's frustrating, unfortunate on my part & there should NEVER be a warframe (let alone, one this old) that causes an cooperative experience to go downhill. A player shouldn't have to basically choose between: Being an ass by using the abilities anyway & hope they can work with it OR limit the players use of Limbo to cater to the team... No.. just NO. 

Why? Simply because, Everyone (including myself) can barely see whether an enemy is in the rift or not; which can/will cause players to waste "time" or ammo on an enemy they can't kill. Here's where I stand on that, yet, I understand what needs to be done regardless to improve the experience of these 2 abilities:

If a Limbo player knows how to use it's abilities accordingly (specifically 1 & 3), then in my case I would purposely tear a rift near other players, to indicate that there are enemies nearby that's in the rift. Now, it is up to the other players whether they choose to use the rift to their benefit. A player can choose to either, use their abilities to kill rift-bound enemies or choose to enter the rift in order to kill the enemy.


If we can't see it, how are we suppose to tell the difference??? That folks, is a fault on DE's part, not on how the player uses Limbo. It doesn't make sense that I can throw Cataclysm somewhere, see the color of the outline from the inside & outside of it but.... I can't see that same color on a rift-bound enemy?? What??? What is the point of changing my energy color then? Nothing, seriously. If this isn't fixed, then this Limbo problem will continue to persist. I'm tired of players leaving or cutting early because of this & again, I know how to use Limbo accordingly so it's not the player, it's not the teammates, it's Limbo's rift color issue.

I'd appreciate it if this can get enough feedback to get DE's attention. I know the recent fix on Limbo's abilities allow warframe abilities to kill rift-bound enemies but:

1.) Not all warframe have offensive abilities...

2.) Not every player has enough energy to activate an offensive ability, at the time it's needed to correlate with Limbo's ability.

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