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Lich wont die from requiems


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i know the order because i checked it the other way yet it shows that it wasnt wrong. so what happened is i played the first mission (which was the right order i stumbled accross the correct mod before it was revealed and had the right order) it showed i had the first and second right then failed on the last one... which blew my mind because i knew the other two were the ones i knew for 100% sure they belong  so i reversed the order and it showed me i got the first and second correct in that order too until i got to the last requiem! which again blew my mind at this point my brain was comming out my ears and said fine ill try one more time  with that order and it said it was incorrect... now it didnt show i got either order correct but throught context clues you will see i had it correct the first go round but it didnt work. 😕 ill update as i try it again i just wanted to get the bug report out before i lose the litch


first try guessed the requiem early and had correct order first requiem was correct, second correct, third showed wrong (did not update on the requiem page in the ship either)

second try i knew the first was correct, tried second with it flipped it showed that was correct too, tried third one and it showed wrong,(did not update on the requiem page in the ship either)

third try i knew the first was correct, i tried the same order again it said the second one was actually wrong this time.

all of this = brain mush coming out ears 😆

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