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Perhaps A Two-Handed Long Blade Skana?


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I was talking with my friend yesterday about how it'd be pretty badass to add a long bladed two-handed Skana. Obviously I just mean a long &#! Katana like the Dai-Katana from TES IV: Oblivion, but hear me out.


The sword would have relatively high damage for its normal swing, and a weaker charge swing. Personally, I think it would look really badass if the Ash had this thing equipped and he was just elegantly slicing through his opponents in this fury of folded steel.


Oh and another thing. I would picture it as having some really fancy looking swing animations. Not so much like the quick and immediate swings that most of the swords have, but just a more fluid and swift looking attack pattern that would just feel right for this two-handed beauty. Something satisfying to look at, you know? Although that may not make sense because once people add on Fury it would just look nuts since you'd be a blur of sword and arms.


Also, it would be awesome to have this long &#! "thin" Katana-esque sword on your back. I say thin because the Galatine is a monster, and dwarfs the smaller female frames. Mag, for example. But yeah idk, what do you guys think? This is my opinion. Let me hear yours, and whether you have cooler ideas because I'm sure that's what this section of the forum is for.

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A long thin-ish two handed sword would be neat! as you suggest more focused on normal attacks instead of charge would be awesome. +1 for ya.  Edit: Tigrex he means two handed weapon not a dual weapon. there is a slight difference mate ;)

yah just saw it was two handed not dual my bad

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