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MR 27 does Not respawn orbs thus how do you get to 100?


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I have done this with rhino prime, loki prime, ivara prime, tried few others to no resulting difference:

EVERY video shows that after you put the points in that orbs "respawn" - they do not for me thus i go get them, turn them in then run around with no more orbs to get  

even if i get the 5 red guys i still only get to 81 as there are not enough orbs - got that by minute 4 so it is certainly not to do with time....

do you know how wonderful it feels when it works one way for *EVERY*one else, then for me it gives half the observable mission?  why do  they not respawn for me? is the whole world trying to hang me out to dry or something? it is HARD not to feel PICKED ON when stuff like this happens......


so: what else can i assume but a bug ???       every instruction video is the same, every run of mr 27 practice is ALSO the same: NOT enough ORBS and no they do NOT respawn!!!   not at all  once picked, they are GONE....

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