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Never let a crewman summon ratels


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So as i tired sortie today i found q quite special bug,
unkillable enemies,
the fact is crewman can spawn ratels as enemies, if the crewman dies, those will be permaently converted as allies, yet the system still regocnises them as  enemies,
so our last enemy was a crewmann who had summoned those already, we killed him the ratels turned ally and got us stuck in the game

we tried to find any maybe hidden last enemy, but there was nothing so we had to abort,
total time in defense 40 minutes, 16mins actual defense, rest of the time searching a non existant enemy.

Oh also the pic was taken after the 40 minutes of defense, afterwards i grew tired of this bug and left with the group host,
mission progress justs howed us the previous completed sortie.


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