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TennoCon, Baro's Inventory, Prime Junk & The 101

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With TennoCon now being marked on the calendar, I wanted to answer some question that come up every year in the months prior to the event, so as to help make it a bit easier for those who will be asking, as we've all been there at one time or another and would have apprecaited it to have such a resource.

What Is TennoCon?


TennoCon is as it sounds, a Warframe themed convention that is held by the game developer, Digital Extremes (Often referred to as DE). It is not only a gathering of the community including many popular streamers, but it also contains a developer panels and Q&A segments, as well as sneak peeks for upcoming or currently developed content. There is also food drinks game stations, escape rooms, and more. As always there will be food drinks and also prizes to earn such as that for the cosplay contest so dressing up as your favorite character or frame is encouraged (Contents Rules can be found HERE.)

When & Where Is It?


TennoCon is held in  London, Ontario, Canada at the London Convention Centre during either the first or second week of July. This year it will be on July 11, 2020 as per DE's Official announcement which you can find HERE.

Can Anyone Go & If So How Much?


For those wanting to attend TennoCon you will need to buy a ticket. Tickets once they go on sale are available until they sale out, which could possibly include at the door. At the door sales are usually determined towards June. As far as price is concerned, not including what you spend to get there, this varies depending on the tier of ticket you purchase, all of which can be found HERE.

What If I Can't Go?


Don't worry, many are in the same boat as you for one reason or another and as such it is always streamed by DE via Youtube, Twitch, Etc. as well as by many of the streamers that attend. Once TennoCon gets closer you can be guaranteed to find a schedule for everything as well as tweets, so don't worry you don't have to miss out on anything.

Does This Mean Anything For The Game Itself?


Of course! To celebrate this glorious event DE releases a special tennoncon exclusive armor set and other sweet items to the ingame market as a TennoCon Digital Bundle for $20USD which also includes access to the TennoCon Relay for the weekend of the event, where Baro Ki'Teer AKA the Void Trader will be selling everything he's had for those with the Ducants to spend. This bundle is usually made avalible in March. Ticket holders will also have access to all these items as well via a code that you will receive via email after purchase of said ticket, as well as other sweet swag when you get to the conventions.

What All Baro Be Selling?


Everything he's ever had prior to. To date, for PC that's 227 items coming out to  Credits6443,150,000 Credits & PrimeBucks70,265 Ducats total for everything, and for console that's 224 items coming out to Credits6442,256,000 Credits and PrimeBucks68,405 Ducats total. So if you never shopped with him before you got a lot of saving to do if you want to buy everything 

Since You Trade Primed Items For Ducats, What Items Should I and Shouldn't I Trade In?


Well I guess that depends on you. If you're wanting to rack up ducats fast your best bet is to trade in only primed junk, sell the valuable primed items for plat to then get more junk, or directly trade good items for junk.

What Primed Items Are Considered Junk?


Junk is basically all those items you are constantly getting with ease, that people are asking for the least often and are super unlikely to be vaulted. They include but are not limited to...

  • Braton Prime
  • Bronco/Akbronco Prime Parts
  • Burston Prime
  • Fang Prime
  • Lex/Aklex Prime Parts
  • Orthos Prime Parts
  • Paris Prime Parts

If you need further help on this matter I highly recommand checking out Trading: Ducats & Prime Junk as I personally find it to be a very valuble resource on the subject.

What If My Question Isn't Answered Here?


Well then you can always check the Official TennoCon FAQ, which while has not been updated for this year as of writing this post, all but the dates should still be accurate. Otherwise ask it below and some one within the community will for sure be able to answer it.


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