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Slow/choppy Hubs


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  Since about the time of the Jovian Accord update I have been having very noticeable slowness/choppiness when in non-combat hubs. Whether it be dojos, orbiters, relays, cetus, fortuna, iron wake, railjack (while docked), or any other non-combat hub of that sort I may have forgotten I experience this. It makes leaving cetus/fortuna take so long that I cant even start missions there anymore as I would be able to complete w/e mission I wanted to do in the time it would take me to load in (dropping into the plains/orb vallis directly works fine).

  When I first log into warframe it all runs fine on my orbiter. If the first thing I do is go to one of the listed places it generally runs fine with the exception of cetus/fortuna. As soon as I go back to my orbiter seems to be when it all really starts up. In-mission everything runs fine. I can log in inside orbiter with everything workin fine, do a mission and still fine, go back to orbiter when mission is complete and its choppy on my orbiter now, do another mission and its fine, and so on. Trying to change builds in my arsenal is like pulling teeth while it is this choppy, and logging out and back in is pretty much mandatory if I want to decorate my dojo.

  Any ideas on why the calm parts of warframe are so sluggish only after I return to my orbiter, yet in-mission when abilities are being used all over it runs just fine?

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