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Every this is pink


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  • 2 weeks later...

I thought I was alone. 

Only on my Switch

Pink squares replacing planet nodes, replacing item locations on the mini map (covers enemy locations), pink squares covering part of the liset. Mini map flashing, squiggles and dancing on Mars extermination missions (literally unreadable), icons in the orbiter replaced with large "Z" shapes. Part of the map (doors, hallways, walls) completely disappearing, sometimes I see the other side of the door or wall, sometimes it's blank. Enemy sometimes look like they zig zag teleport (just one of them or a few at a time). Falling through the ground/map in the plains by the lake with a continuous loop.

This is what I am experiencing. Doesn't matter how long I play but is definitely worse the longer I play. Reloading the game helps but not all the time.

Weird bugs

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Pink is still happening. I normally notice once pink starts taking over that my game starts glitching and I have to restart. Will anyone from DE acknowledge this bug? Is it being fixed? I felt like I was alone until i googled it, I even posted in my clan and they acted as if nothing was happening. (Not dftv, previous clan)

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