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Beyond 100% status: every damage type. Just me brainstorming.

(XBOX)Architect Prime

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Impact - enemies stumble longer/further and have a good chance to drop their weapons.

Puncture - projectile gains X amount of punch through, but all the damage is converted to puncture after the first enemy. 

Slash - Slash proc does increased damage. 


Heat - An AOE of heat around the projectile that scales with the percent... Like most of these...

Cold - Slows enemies increasingly. They can be totally halted. 

Toxin - The length of the proc increases.

Electric - Chance to causes electric arcs between enemies. 


Blast - Increases radius, but only does blast damage from that point onward.

Gas - Aoe increases and a chance of it catching fire.

Radiation - Chance to cause a random proc.

Viral - Chance to jump to another enemy within X meters.

Corrosive - Chance of splashing the acids onto nearby enemies on the technical form of several arcing projectiles.

Magnetic - Chance to make enemies get stuck to metal surfaces or each other. 




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