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chat server not responding& constant drop from game server


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I will see 'network not responding' almost every time that i :

1.open navigation

2.use relic

3.claim reward after a mission

4.enter a dojo.

Then I will be forced to log out every 15-20 mins of playing.

I can not connect to chat server almost all time.I can see several message when i first log on,then nothing,after that i will see 10054 error (if i manage to stay in game for a while)

Tried to reboot the router/connect to modem/reinstall the game,it doesn't fixed.I have been played more than 2k hours, it never happens before.Not even when this game have 80k players active.

It all happens since last friday(maybe Thursday)


Other online games seems normal to me,so if it is a warframe server issue,(the technicians will aware of it.)please fixed it as soon as possible.





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Did you upgrade your network hardware?  This is a long-standing issue with their chat server.  Have a read:



Ever since a few patches ago I started to get disconnected from the chat due to inactivity and lately it has become so annoying that I started to investigate it. I've done every possible solution that has been advocated and I finally figured out why it happens.

According to Warframe's website, it requires Ports 4950 and 4955 (UDP, which you can also set in your options) and the TCP range 6695 - 6699 to be forwarded. This is correct and I've forwarded them, but there's an issue here made by the devs.

6695 is the port the chat uses. It sends a handshake/ping every 3 minutes to stay alive. You can also press 'Talk' or 'Report' (just pressing it, not actually reporting anyone) or sending a message to manually keep the connection alive. Without going much further into detail, the reason why it disconnects for me is because my router is very anal about how SSL connections are treated, while older models don't care. The way to bypass this router filter is to use the DMZ setting, which isn't ideal and there's no other way to disable its internal filters except to actually forward 6695 - which it already should have been, right?

Wrong. While TCP port 6695 is the chat server's port, it isn't actually routed by the client. The UDP ports are, which is why normal gameplay is seamless, while the chat disconnects.

The chat is actually running on the dynamic service ports (+58000), which is fine, but they are not forwarded to 6695 even if you've got NAT-PMP or UPnP enabled, which means my or anyone elses router is going to discriminate. Using the 'netsh interface portproxy' command and re-routing it from the dynamically created port to 6695 gave me zero chat disconnects in the span of 8 hours. The only issue is that I have to do this manually every time I launch Warframe until DE does it themselves.

This is a reddit post from A YEAR AGO.  Trust me, this is 100% a problem DE must fix with their chat client implementation.  How do you build a community when you can't chat with it?

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