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Sancti castanas not applying the correct damage type on eidolons


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I tried using my newly acquired and newly forma'ed ivara prime to hunt eidolons. But when i use the alt-fire to detonate my sancti castanas on which i got primed heated charge on, it doesn't Do radiation damage. It instead deals Électricity damage even though the UI in my arsenal says it does radiation damage due to primed heated charge.


So i was wondering if anyone experienced this when using Sancti castanas on eidolons or when using Any other weapon which doesn't have radiation damage pre-mod on Any other enemies.

I also noticed my Corinth doesn't seem to deal as Much damage as before and i didn't noticed Any viral damage when i was using it which is what i modded it for. It used to take care of LV.100+ lancer with ease, but now i got trouble even killing lv.90 lancer with it.

Isn't elemental damage supposed to be applied when i deal damage Or is it just the UI Toying with me and not showing the proper damage type ? 

I'll put screenshot and a video of what im talking about later on today for those having some doubt of what im talking about.

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8 hours ago, CBonduMiel2 said:

it doesn't Do radiation damage. It instead deals Électricity damage

Are you going by the proc symbol? Because Castanas have a forced Electricity proc,
in addition to whatever damage type(s) you've modded them for / might cause further procs.

Simply dealing elemental damage (or any damage type for that matter) does not show up visually distinct.

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