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Vauban feedback Feb 2020.


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It's been great to see the changes to Vauban, he's one of the frames I really like the concept of. Photon Strike is very cool and really fits with the idea of a tech-utility frame, and changes to Bastille being 'hold to collapse' is great.

The issue I have with Vauban is he's still too fiddly. There are too many abilities that are kind of cool but don't do much. At the moment, Bastille and Tesla Nervos do everything a player needs, while Overdriver is a nice tool, and Photon Strike has some cool moments.

The problem with the mines is they require concentration away from the action. You cycle through and realise 'oh I had the wrong one chosen' and have to cycle through all of them again to get the right one. By then you don't need the mine any more.

How I would alter Vauban:

Remove Minelayer. Instead, each ability can charge up to 4 drones like Tesla Nervos:

- Tesla Nervos stays the same and is a good first ability for CC and damage.

- Get rid of Tether Coil and Vector Pad. IMO they are the least useful abilities, and bastille is superior to Tether Coil once you get it.

- Minelayer changes to Flechette Orb, this drone can seek out enemies and explode, doing a blast proc and firing out projectiles.

- Photon strike is tap to cast where you aim, or hold to charge and release drones. The drones latch onto enemies and become targeting beacons for Photon Strike, it fires at a targer after a couple of seconds. Now there will be lots of Photon Strikes going off around Vauban.

- Overdriver is now passive, any friendly in range of your drones gets buffed. This is meant to encourage Vauban to keep casting drones.



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He's had a lot of attention and just fell short...it'll be awhile.

I'd say one of the big DPS issues here is that Photon Stike has something like half the range of his CC and Tesla Coils with Augment (The augment scales much better too). Switching TC's and PS's Range would balance things out, as TC would hit harder but have a shorter range while PS would have an appropreate range and be effective and potentially effecient. 

Drones or Sentinels have also been suggested before and I love the ideas, I think DE took them and applied them to the upcoming Tactical Warframe...

Overdrive needs some love for sure, weak single target buffs just don't really cut it. I agree it should have been more aura-like or Wisp-pod regional buff-like.

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Copy pasta from my other post regarding vauban.

With the hope that DE is not 100% done with Vauban's rework here are some observations Id like to see tweaked in the future for our beloved boobin.

Tesla rollers need to stay closer to vauban at all times to give effective cc, 99% of the time I have deployed these little guys only to have moved far away from them to complete the map objective. The rollers shocking the same target for their duration half way across the map isn't helpful at all.

Fix: Tesla rollers stay close to Vauban at all times returning to Vauban after he moves a certain distance from them.

Tether Coil while a great idea on paper in game falls short of what I feel is it's intended purpose. In game tether coil is a bit of a glitchy mess, from visual bugs to not having the strength to actually pull targets to it's tether point, worse yet enemies tend to get stuck on nearly anything that does not have clear line of sight to it's tether point. Another issue is not being able to see what enemies are dead bodies and what enemies are simply pinned to the floor / wall.

Fix: Tether coil pulls enemies back to where it is deployed seeking new enemies or keeping the same enemies in place by rag-dolling them each time tether attaches to them on a short cool-down. "tether coil seeks a target, pulls it in to it's deployed point, releasing the target rag-dolling the target and this process repeats" This would allow you to use tether coil to pull enemies into your bastile for effective cc.

Flechette Orb This ability after being tweaked feels like it is in a great spot, it's ability to scale makes it a great bread and butter ability for Vauban.

Fix: The only change I would recommend would be a bit of a less visual spam on it's arrows.

Vector Pad   This ability should be scrapped in favor of a defensive ability for Vauban. As a vauban main the only time this ability gets used is on accident when Im switching to use a different mine layer ability.

Fix: Replace this ability with a defensive / support mine. Or if De wants to keep this feature change it to give a buff to your parkour skills for a set time like over driver.

Over Driver This ability with proper power strength can add a significant damage boost to Vauban and his allies. Tho it's short duration makes upkeep more of a chore to use.

Fix: Slightly longer duration would be a nice quality of life change.

Photon strike This ability is very satisfying to use when combined with vortex. The synergy of these two abilities is excellent. High burst damage potential, however it's lack of range is a major drawback to this ability.

Fix: Allow photon Strike to explode on impact would give much needed range / usability back to this ability after they reduced the timer on it.

Bastille Vauban's signature ability is by far the best reworked ability in terms of usability. Even with a higher cost this is always worth the energy when used. That is to say it could be better with some of the new features that it brought with the rework.

Fix: The armor buff that is applied to Vauban is far to short to take advantage of in any meaningful way without the need to constantly reapply Bastille, I would purpose that the armor buff you receive would fade as you take damage. Allowing you time to rebuild the armor bonus and giving Vauban MUCH needed survive-ability.

Thanks for taking the time to read! I hope you have a great day 🙂

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While I like what they've done with him in spirit the only positives that came from this rework imo was putting his bastille and vortex into one ability.  I also like what was done with tesla.  But They still struggle to keep up with him.  Everything else though is meh.  The overall rework didn't address his two main problems.  That being he's still squishy and has poor surviability.  And that he's still a gimmicky cc frame.  Without his cc he can kill people now.  But not in a very good or intuitive way.  He basically comes off as being more of the same post rework.  Just slightly better.

I personally don't understand why his rework turned out this way.  They were perfectly fine with cramming ember into the new meta box.  But they decided to leave Vauban out.

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