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Glaive dial wield attack properties?



I plan on trying out a Glaive again soon and I just wondered if there were any special properties on the Glaive type weapons' dual wield attacks. Do stance mods affect it at all? It's been a while since I picked up a Glaive - as far back as before the Melee rework - and before now I didn't even bother picking up a stance mod since I was mostly using them to farm MR.

It's pretty obvious that the dual wield attacks at the very least hit 360° like certain stance mod attacks do, but I was more wondering about damage multipliers, guaranteed procs, combo building, etc. on those attacks. The only thing I remember (and might not even be remembering correctly) is that Glaive slam attacks tend to do mag damage for whatever ungodly reason. I can't find any information on the wiki outside of the actual stance mod pages.

I know that generally Glaives are considered bad, but that's not really any issue since I plan to mostly use it for utility (armour stripping) alongside powerful secondaries anyway. I'd lab this stuff myself, but I'm currently in the middle of building a Glaive in the first place (It's going to be a while - I'm researching the Cerata.).

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