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Warframe Concept Revisited: Ramoko, Nature's Fury


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This was a concept I developed a long time ago and which I have now updated. Ramoko's theme is the environment and how dangerous it can actually be. Snowstorms, arid deserts and poisonous bogs have presented a variety of struggles to humanity for generations. We have overcome those problems now, but any survivalist or someone who works orl ives in those conditions can tell you the dangers are still very much present. Ramoko is here to remind us of that. Incidentally Ramoko was a bastardisation fo the name of a weather god from an African pantheon but I can't actually remember what the original name was... Anyway here's the concept.

A Warframe that manipulates the environment and creates natural disasters to dominate and destroy enemies.


Passive: Weathered Skin


The Warframe takes 20% reduced elemental damage.

1: Tremor



Stomp on the ground to create a shockwave on the ground which spreads out and knocks down enemies.

This ability deals greater damage and spreads further when activated from the air with increased damage and range affected by distance travelled before grounding and casting the shockwave. (With no upper limit because why not, it’d be funny in Plains but there’s little practical use for it like that.


Augment: Aftershocks

The area continues to experience tremors for 3-5s after ability cast.


2: Weather Cloak



Enemies have reduced ability to spot the Warframe while this ability is active and are dealt additional 100% finisher damage.

The Warframe gains invisibility while inside a Biome with this ability active.

Augment: Enemies receive 50-70% of current Hp damage on finishers while this ability is active.


3: Biome



Create a localised environment at a location. Environment can be one of four based of the basic four elements each with different effects.

Desert: Intense heat from simulated sunlight damages enemies and causes heat damage. Enemies have reduced accuracy due to the bright light.

Tundra/Snowstorm: enemies are dealt cold damage. Enemies have reduced visibility and shorter detection ranges.

Swamp: Enemies are dealt toxin damage and have reduced movement speed and knockdown recovery.

Storm: enemies are continuously pummelled with thunder strikes and may be dealt electric damage and knocked down by thunderbolts.

While inside the biomes Ramoko gains a 15% buff to movement and attack speed.

Tremor deals additional Elemental damage when cast inside a Biome.


Augment: Storm’s Eye

Reduced range of ability but in exchange it is centred on the player and moves with them.


4: Typhon’s Breath



Breath out volcanic ash in a cone in front of the player. Ash travels forward and petrifies enemies it comes into contact with, trapping them in solidified ash-rock and dealing Fire damage.

Enemies have reduced Armour while trapped, affected by Power Strength

Casting the 1st ability on enemies trapped in rocks causes the rocks to shatter, releasing them. Trapped enemies are dealt % Hp damage on explosion and enemies surrounding trapped enemies are dealt additional combined IPS damage in a small radius.

Petrified statues of enemies remain even if an enemy died to the ability and will explode as normal on Tremor's impact.

Augment: Fossilised

Basically Ore Gaze on petrified enemies with increased loot of say 40-50% Note, this is included in the Ore Gaze petrifaction loot buffing category.



The overall kit has two overall playstyles. Either you can use Tremor in conjunction with Typhon's Breath to deal massive damage or you can abuse the stealth provided by Weather Cloak in conjunction with Biome to terrorise enemies and whittle them down. 

The bread and butter of the kit is really the 1st ability Tremor. Tremor is where a lot of your immediate crowd control comes from and by combining it with Typhon's Breath is your primary source of big damage numbers. 

Weather Cloak was originally a defensive ability that would work similarly to Chroma's own elemental armour buffing in the old concept. This stealth based system sounded much more original and allowed the possibility for multiple playstyles. I feel some sort fo synergy could be added with Typhon's Breath, perhaps a temporary flame aura or armour/damage resistance if you jump into the cloud as it moves.

Biome is now a combined and reduced version of what was two abilities originally, one being a ground based environment and the other air based which would allow for more environments of all the different elemental combinations. While that would be cool, it'd also be an awful lot of work and limits the ability to create synergy with the kit.

After fixing Biome I had wanted to originally make Typhon's Breath a multi choice environmental disaster based ability, so volcanoes, tidal waves, earthquakes, tornadoes etc. However, I really wanted to keep Tremor and already having multiple choices with Biome was enough variety in my opinion. A lot of natural disasters like tornadoes already exist in one from or another in different Warframes aswell like Hydroid and Zephyr. I had then decided to go to a Volcano theme with lava, operating similarly to Gara's 4 with petrification occuring on ability end and the othe effects and synergies reamaining as shown here. I decided to change it now to the ash effect as a reference to Vesuvius instead which is one of the most interesting and famous disasters in our history. For those not in the know. Typhon was one of Gaia's most dangerous creations, husband to Echidna and father of monsters. He was essentially the Greek Titan/God of volcanoes who almost overthrew the pantheon in Greek mythology. Typhon's Breath seemed a decent name for the ability considering all that.

Anyway, thatnks for reading. hopefully this inspires someone. Thoughts and comments are appreciated.

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