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Gytha- A terry Pratchet Tribute Frame


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Hello Fellow Tenno,

got another raw Idea of a frame spinning around. Since I am a huge fan of Combining universes that are meant to stay seperated, this one has a Discworld Vibe. Witch vibe to be accurate, with a lot of Headology (had to look that up xD

Here you go: 

https://wiki.lspace.org/mediawiki/Headology )

Name: Gytha (after one of Pratchets Witch Characters, More commonly known as Nanny Ogg)

Shape: Relatively Volominous, one can easily see her with grendel together at an all you can eat buffet...with Grendel full to the brim and her still snacking away.

Base Values:

150 Life

100 Shield

100 Energy

125 Armor

The goal here is to put the values in such a way that she either becomes tanky with her 3rd ability or squishy with her 2nd, thus a borderliner.

Passive: Fade out

As long as Gytha doesnt move/turns around, attack or otherwise engages with the world, she fades over 5second into the background. Abillity caps out at...say 10%. As soon as she moves she is instantly back to full visability.

1st: Spread Rumours cost 40/30/20/10 energy

Gytha is a blabermouth. She either talks her opponent to sleep or is badmouthing her opponrnts companion so bad that he attacks his allies into a brawl. So upon activation in a 6/7/8/9m Radius one of 2 Procs happen to mobs. 1) fall asleep  and open for finishers or 2) mob attacs his allies in sight for skill duration in mele (10/15/17.5/20s). Only one proc per mob occurs, but the skill has an overall 100% proc chance. Procs cannot be selected by player. Doesnt work on boss mobs.

Augment: Rhetotic

Allows the player to chose which proc occurs preferably. Proc chance turn from 50% vs. 50% to 80% vs. 20% in favour of the selected proc.

2nd: Distraction 

cost 25/20/15/10 energy, drain 5/4/3/2 energy/s

During skill cast the mobs attention is redirected in a 5/10/15/20m radius. As a ressult gythas visabillity goes down to 20%. However as it needs all her focus she gets extremly clumsy. Thus her armor will be reduced by 75% during cast and 50% during skill. 0.5s cast time.

Augment: Bulglar

Plenty of practice allows Gytha do reduce the Armor reduction down to 25% (cast) and 10% (skill). Additionally, her sneaking allows now for only 15% visability.

3rd: Attention center

cost 25/20/15/10 energy, drain 5/4/3/2 energy/s

Gytha redirects attention yet again. This time however with herself in the center. This does not only draw all mob attention in a 5/10/15/20m radius but also increase her armor by 25% on cast and 50% on skill time due to mental preperation. 

Augment: Ressourcefull

Each activation of Attention Center Consumes 10% of the overall, in mission collected, common ressources in exchange for 100% Armor, additional to what the skill gives, during Attention Center.

4th: Borrowing

cost 50/40/30/20 energy, drain 5/4/3/2 energy/s

Allows Gytha to Take over a Mob that she targets at in 10/15/20/25m distance. During the skill the camera switches from gytha to the mob, enabeling the player to act as the mob for some time, pass barriers (e.g. in spy), hack (without cipher)...etc. Also attacking other mobs as a npc may redraw the attention for some time after skill ended. (As long as the overtaken mob life lasts anyway...) Harm to gytha (the frame that stands around somewhere), premature death of the mob, or reactivating the skill will cause Borrowing to end and return the camera to the perspective that enables the player to controll her again. No other skills are avaible when acting as a npc, unless the npc brings those abillitys along (e.g. propolsion backpack).

Augment: Empathy

Gythas Empathy Abilitys have improved so much, that she is now able to use all her other skills from the mobs point of view (her warframe itself doesnt do anything=>passive wont get disrupted)

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Removing Gramtical Errors for better understanding
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