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SIMPLE-ISH WARFRAME FIXES/Constructive Criticism


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1) Archwing and Kdrive launching could work the same as power activation, as there are a number of keys/buttons not in use when holding the power activation key/button. Opinion: Pulling up a radial menu for this isn’t the most attractive scenario.


2) Self damage could just knockout your shields and if you have no shields, it could take 25%+ of your current health. Giving the enemies an advantage is the goal, not outright instantly killing the player when a pixel got in the way, right? A mod like Cautious Shot could lessen that damage or do something entirely different, perhaps.


3) Add a “CONFIRM” prompt when hitting Y on the Appearance and Upgrade menus, so players don’t accidentally randomize or remove all cosmetics and mods. It’s sooo painful when this happens LOL


4) Gear menu similar to Monster Hunter World - Like MHW, Warframe has a large number of gear items that are usable in the field. MHW uses a radial/slider gear menu, which allows easy access to a variety of items, especially when considering controller analog stick inputs. Have you tried navigating a radial menu on the fly that has more than 12 items?? ^_^


5) Being able to VIEW helmet and body cosmetics separately, including Prime accessories and Tennogen. Being able to clearly see what is available for purchase would be a pleasant change. “Can I get that ‘Graxx’ helmet to match the ‘Blade of the Lotus’ body?” The same could be said of deluxe skins.


6) Being able to BUY “deluxe bundle” cosmetics separately would be nice. The warframe deluxe cosmetics are available separately from the bundle but not things such as weapon skins.  


7) Endless missions could benefit from incremental bosses or objectives that break the monotony. For instance, for Survival missions against Corpus, a group of Raknoids or Hyenas could spawn at the end of every 5 minutes. A similar idea could be implemented for Defense missions, every 5 waves, as well.

The Disruption mission type is along these lines but could be further expanded. You have to protect various points, you’re facing debuffs, enemies may receive buffs, you may get buffs, there are boosts, and you have a target to take down for each key used. These systems can keep the mode a bit more interesting than other endless mission types, in their current form.

8) I know the goal is to keep people playing, but grind doesn’t have to be the end-all-be-all; if it’s fun, people WILL play. Example: There could be much less grind to reach mission content, like Profit Taker. As things are currently, a player returns to Warframe, having to spend weeks leveling a faction, just to do the new boss battle with a group.

While retaining the faction leveling grind, why not allow them to still play the factions story to completion? The rewards of doing so are still viable to rank up the faction and they are still able to tackle the new content in a reasonable timeframe. Grind shouldn’t wall-off new content.

Empyrean actually addressed this aspect somewhat well. Although you need to have completed certain story segments, you’re not held back by the ship building process, just to be able to jump into combat with friends. You can even join any open crew session before your Railjack is built.


9) I realize that Riven mods are now deeply rooted in the meta and I may likely receive hate for saying this.

DE is constantly rebalancing and nerfing rivens on MANY of the various weapons, thus NO BUIILD GOAL EVER FEELS SAFE.

I believe that riven mods should remain in the game but should impact functionality or utility and not stats. Before you attack, please let me give a few examples.

Imagine a riven mod that increases sprint speed for a duration whenever you proc status or crit.

Imagine a riven mod that causes an explosive weapon’s radial damage to have a small radial disarm.

OR what if they functioned more like Amalgam mods??

It’s true, even with something like the above ideas, some balance would still be needed “initially” BUT if these kind of rolls were specific to weapon architypes, it could mean more interesting and varied gameplay between people using the same weapon. Currently with rivens, most meta involves the damage/crit/etc rolls.



10) A more cinematic camera angle option could be fun. 😊


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"1) Archwing and Kdrive launching could work the same as power activation, as there are a number of keys/buttons not in use when holding the power activation key/button. Opinion: Pulling up a radial menu for this isn’t the most attractive scenario."

you can do it : put it in the slot 7 (as exemple), and make that the key of your choice make you use the item 7.

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