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Orthrus - (Spirited) kubrow based warframe concept

(XBOX)itz SwirlZz

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Hey Guys! Heres me dropping another concept.

Enjoy 😉 (google "Orthrus" and "Cerberus", won't be disappointed,...I hope?)

Orthrus' stats:

Armor: 300

Energy: 150

Shield: 75

Health: 150

Sprint speed: 1.10

Passive: the 3rd ability doesn't take energy, it requires "Spirit" to activate. Fulfilling the meter requires headshot kills or assisted ones (score 25 per headshot kill,5 for assists.kubrow related allies also count assist wise.), holding the ability button on any other ability enhances the enchantment sacrificing some of your "Spirit" enhance.

NOTE: Spirit can be used even when out of energy, it takes all your spirit as a drawback. You start off with 200 spirit ; Spirit cannot be extended through regular mods.

Pet Kubrows are moderately resilient and deal more damage.


1st Ability: Claw Slash

(taking 30 energy to proc.)                           <[Taking 25 / 200 Spirit]>

Orthrus flays his arms in one motion after another repeatedly, creating a ball of whirlwind so dense it flies to the enemy in a moderately slow tracking projectile, once the projectile hits it explodes into smaller whirlwind clusters, causing slash damage over time.

Doubles the damage and duration of the slash proc.(.) Whirlwind splits into even more clusters.


2nd Ability: Howl

(taking 50 energy to proc.)                           <[Taking 50 /200 spirit]>

Emit a soundwave of a radial howl that drastically increases status and critical chance for a period of time.

Each status proc triggers lifesteal (5>20 health points per tic depending on build) for orthrus, Orthrus' hounds, and allies in a close proximity.


3rd Ability: Orthrus Energy Hounds

(taking N/A energy) <[TAKING 100 / 200 SPIRIT]>

Orthrus spawns two Spirited-powered Kubrows to fight alongside of Orthrus. Kills from the energy kubrows will drop better loot for you and your allies.


4th Ability: Cerberus Conversion

(Taking 100 energy, leading to 10e/sec)

<[Taking 150 / 200 Spirit]>

Orthrus converts into a Spirit kubrow. whilst three are out, if all are in close proximity triggers the aura "Cerberus Bond " which makes you immune to damage for a [x] amount of time (this ends and restarts after a 4 sec. cooldown). Press [RT] repeatedly for slashing combos, Hold [RT] for for a high damaging stomp that sends a seismic wave, and Hold [LT] to go invisible for [x] amount of time.

Become more resilient to damage while in Spirit Kubrow form. Spawn with more health than normal. "Cerberus Bond" cooldown is even shorter. 40% chance for increased energy gains for a short time after an assist.


Looking back at this, this might be O.P but a good way to balance it...in a sense?

Tell me what you think, it would be an honor to be criticized.

Your friendly gamer,

                         -Itz SwirlZz 


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Well shoot, I had been having a similar "Kubrow Pack" idea of my own, but was having difficulty realizing it beyond having to manage your three Kubrows like Azir's Sand Soldiers; your first three abilities would command one of your three Kubrows to use its unique ability while it repositions from your side to the location you indicate, and then hold-casting would draw it back to your side, while your fourth would have all three of them merge with you into some Cerberus form for temporary buffs and the ability to direct-cast their individual abilities from yourself. 

I hadn't decided what the limit on the ult would be beyond energy costs, but I didn't want just having it active at all times be the most viable option; I had almost considered going with a "Hades" theme where each Kubrow's "Patrol Zone" is marked by a small gate that forms at the center where you cast your ability, and enemies killed in that zone charge the gate with stacks that buff its respective Kubrow for a bit, and all three Kubrows need a certain amount of stacks before you can cast your ult.

But yeah, this idea feels like a slightly better-realized version of the theme I was shooting for with the above, only complaint is the ult having the invisibility mode seems a bit tacked-on. Slash attacks and knockdowns seem to make sense for the theme, but I don't know what the invis would be for in this case.

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hey, sorry for the late reply, but thanks for the insight. the story behind this concept was that there was a weird algorythim were fellow tenno posted animal-related or themed concepts(chances are they are all archived) sorry for taking your concept in a sense. but i will change the nic nacs for the better!

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