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A Way to get Liches spawn in a normal missions without getting Wolfed


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So we all remember that one time where the Big Bad spawned and we just were levelling some random MR trash and had 10 minutes of "fun" beating on it with underleveled weapon. Liches mission being completely separate from normal ones is taking that idea in complete opposite side. But that makes them feel like an optional annoyance, not really like your Nemesis.

What if we could "opt in" into having Liches visit into our normal missions? For example by equipping an "Lich Amulet" item, or "Lich Sigil" to mark player as opting in then:


  • prefer matchmaking with other players that opted in
  • only if all players in mission have it have a chance of spawning one of the player's Liches or just a bunch of Thralls
  • player do not have to have Lich currently, only sigil - if you just want to help fellow players and have occasional distraction in your usual grinding spot. Maybe add a smidge of kuva rewards so players want to have the sigil.
  • If there isn't enough people in the matchmaking you just get matched with people who don't have it - so playerbase isn't really split and you still get teammates on less popular locations and in off-peak hours

That would add variety to the usual while not screwing over people not interested in it, and Lich actually feeling like your nemesis stalking you over universe, not just that annoying guy that owes you a weapon.

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They'd be the Lich level tho, so someone running lv 15 missions that not could get screwed by a bunch of lv60-100 extra mobs easily. Especially defense/extraction missions.

Basically the idea is that "activating" liches in normal missions would be an extra bonus of progressing your lich during normal missions and some variety at the disadvantage of always having to be ready for the extra enemies, so people opted out should not have their missions ruined by it.

We had a bunch of that in the Wolf, and while I thought it was fun people clearly didn't enjoy random chance of Wolf just #*!%ing their objective

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Initially Looking at the thread title I thought I would be against this idea. However you stated the perfect magic words to me:


I really get tired of players who want something they don't like changed but at the cost of the enjoyment of others. However I am a massive fan of more options rather than more restrictions.

I also really enjoyed the way you want the "opt-in" mechanic to work.

7 hours ago, XANi said:

For example by equipping an "Lich Amulet" item, or "Lich Sigil" to mark player as opting in


Not all those who start a lich would want to see them in normal missions and I believe your "opt-in" mechanics are a perfect way to distinguish between the two and allow for the justified separation.

I don't do liches yet because I just don't feel the benefits outweigh the cons for me at this point in the game. However your thoughtful concern for those who might not enjoy this has earned you my upvote.

I wish your suggestion well!

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With the way frame and weapon power scaling works, there's not really a good answer for this.

I can oneshot level-5 liches almost regardless of my loadout, if it's resisting my shots then it's 3 shots instead. I'm not saying "Oh wow, look at da noobz", I know some people have trouble with them, it's just hard to balance when you can basically have the same load-out as someone else but have 140x the output due to mods. What's hard for someone is going to be brain dead easy for someone else only because of mods.

There are people that struggle on Jupiter and then there's also people that walk through and passively kill everything without firing a shot on sortie lvl-3 missions. The liches are meant to be ATLEAST speed bumps for higher level players, You can't really have a system where they might pop up in the middle of relics for someone who just got to Ceres. Only place where the difficulty somewhat normalized is PoTE Eidolon hunts and that's mainly because you're forced to use operators.


Until something is adjusted or the difficulty curve is reexamined this just can't happen 😕 . Liches are either just going to be dumbed down and a weaker version than it is right now or have the potential to wreck other peoples' experience (no one likes to get smacked to death with late game stuff they don't understand just because someone joined their game).

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12 minutes ago, SpringRocker said:

Liches are either just going to be dumbed down and a weaker version than it is right now or have the potential to wreck other peoples' experience 

^^ Good example of fighting Liches. If DE buffs the way they fight against the Player, then there would be a problem/complaint. If they made the fighting Experience worse, then the same thing would happen. Having the right Balance for everyone in this Game wouldn't happen at anytime since the difference between dropping Liches like a rock vs. throwing Bullets at them while having them stay alive is a huge difference in different Player's perspective.

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