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WRNING System for Vaulted Prime Parts


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We have all been there:

You are ready to start burning through void relics, but then you have to delay your team because you are not sure on which ones are "safe" to burn up (Safe being defined as a relic containing no vaulted prime parts in the loot pool). 
For people like me, It is not uncommon to have a stockpile of void relics that contain vaulted pieces. I like to be as efficient as possible when consuming void relics, and I really HATE it when I accidentally use an "INTACT" relic that has a vaulted part. Especially if the vaulted part is the rarest reward for the relic. 

This problem will also happen at the end of the mission. Someone in the lobby might chose a "Chroma Prime Systems" over a "Zephyr Prime Neuroptics" merely because it appears to be more rare. when in reality, the Zephyr part is much harder to drop because it is from a vaulted void relic.

The solution:

it would be AWESOME if there was a visual indicator that showed / warned the player if a reward was vaulted. Perhaps the name of the item should have the word "VAULTED" in parentheses added. Example: Trinity Prime Chasis (VAULTED)

 If this feature were to be added to the game, it would help players make a more-educated decision on their void relic reward - while also saving players like me a lot of time scrolling through the Warframe wiki; taking notes on all of the relics that are vaulted.

Let me know what you guys think :)

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There's an indicator of sorts ingame already. It's not intuitive but tabbing over to the "relic can be found" page triggers a "this Relic is in the Prime Vault", which means it has a vaulted part. We do need something that we can tell at a glance, though. I have a dragon's hoard of Neo and Axi relics and half are vaulted, takes forever to tab through every relic to find one I'm comfortable running.

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