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Reflection On The Focus Lens


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Hello to those that decide to visit and read this. For quite some time I've been dwelling on the fact that lens's cannot be removed from items that are unable to be rebuilt, or sold. Such an example is Excalibur Umbra. Technically this would also include Excalibur Prime, Lato Prime, Skana Prime, but I don't own those. I would like to make this perfectly clear, every lens that I've added to an item, has been replaced with another of that prime that will not have it. The flash of the convergence orb slightly hurts my eyes and adds an unnecessary distraction for me personally. This is due to the fact that having all focus schools maxed out; there is little reason to keep them on items I own. I haven't tried support for this matter, however, I see that ending in disappointment. A copy paste reply does little to no good for a personalized matter.


It would be very silly to assume that I should just get over something that I can't remake, right? To say that it is my fault for clicking yes to install a lens, is not untrue, although there's a problem with that. Mistakes are the premise of which anguish derives itself from. Simply, trivial mistakes shouldn't be treated as otherwise. I'd prefer if we could optionally remove lens's, be it from an extra item that would need to be built or making the frame UNRANKED upon removing it. At least with the former, you'd have another market item to add, right?


I see there are a few archived posts about this sort of topic, so I will add this one to the pyre. An ignored issue does not make it a solved one.

TL:DR: Specific frames and items cannot be rebuilt compounding existing issues with lens's. An option to remove lens's would be practical here.

Disclaimer: If a forum moderator feels that this isn't in the appropriate thread location, please feel free to move it where applicable. I didn't see any other forum where this subject would be relevant, even in feedback. This is due to the ambiguous nature of lens being able to be on both Warframes and Weapons. I hope that this is the correct place, I apologize in advance if it isn't.

I foresee vitriol and straw-man based replies.

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