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Mod Organization And Other Random Suggestions


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Eciria here with some more suggestions!


Just some small stuff, nothing major, just things I'd LOVE to see in-game.


1) Mod Folders


I have a TON of mods, most of which I don't use. However, the ones I do/want to use are sometimes lost in the sea of mods I have (though most are at the top of the "Most Recent" list) and I'd rather not accidentally fuse them...that'd be a bad thing as you can tell. All I'd like is some way to put mods in seperate folders that you can add and delete on a whim, and keep mods seperate from each other, to better keep track of not only how many you have, but where the ones you want are.


Ex) A folder of mods I use on my Warframes, a folder of mods I use on my primaries, etc.


2) Clan Emblems on Banners


I know this one's probably been suggested a MILLION times since banners came out for dojos, but it hasn't been added and hasn't been discussed (at least, not that I know of). I'd just like to see them on the banners, since the only place otherwise that they appear is in the badge you buy in the Market.


3) More Realistic Ragdolls


The ragdolls in this game aren't bad persay, but they do sometimes seem unrealistic. Bodies flying all over the place from a Vasto shot (I've seen it happen!!) or enemies falling in random other directions when you shoot them from one set direction. (i.e. Shoot a Grineer in the back and he flips backward onto his back....huh?) Basically, sometimes dead enemy ragdolls just don't seem to match the scenario in which they died.


That is all!



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About the mod folder, what about just making the higher ranked and installed mods go further up then the rank 0 mods. Or, you could just put the mods in order of which one uses the most mods capacity. Shouldn't be to complicated to add into the game, and would realy make thiings a lot easier.

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