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Grendel parts missions


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So, level with me here a moment...

You spend several hour-long arbitrations, successfully ending them.
75 vitus essences are finally gathered, and you visit the arbiters.
Getting all 3, and thinking; 'Now I just gotta pick up the parts, and I finally am done with this grind.'

Having in mind, that it would be a mission like octavia's parts or something.

Oh... wait... defense.
Ah well, no problem, what level is it?

No biggie. Arbitration was against lvl 150+ enemies, so I got this.

Oh wait, what's this?
Conditions: mods disabled.


So, I start looking a few things up on the internet.
Additional info on how long these last and their difficulty when solo, and...

My God...

So, if I get this right.
Going in solo, is like a death sentence.
It is once again, gated towards: party or bust.

You've been through the arbitrations.
You've gotten all 3 parts, spending 75 essences.
And now I'm being told, it was all for nothing?

Because, I am now watching the planet chart.
Trying desperately to find people.
The game is telling me; 'I have played for over an hour', several times now.
While actually, I have been 'waiting for over several hours, staring and trying to contact people' instead
Not even trading things takes this long.

It is not like, this is a regular public mission, and people are trampling eachother in queue.
No, tumbleweed is literally passing the area.

So then, what was the idea behind all this hard work?
Why can't you finally seize your prize?
And is Grendel actually worth it, compared to all other frames?
He's being treated like the God-frame, with these additional conditions.

After all that time and essence invested, the player is once again treated, by 'back of the hand' administration.
Or rather: nuked from existence.
As it feels like that's what I'm going through.

This is how my clan looks like.
And my friends list is about the same.
With 99% of these people, even living overseas.



If I ever go public, it is with an open queue.
Which is... rather empty on these missions.

So... why?






Well, I haven't had this much fun, since they invented bubblewrap and styrofoam.
It squeeks, it pops, and you feel empty still afterwards.



The results:

2 sleepless nights (so far).
A racing heart, like that of a hunted animal.
Feeling it beat for several hours, as if some chest-burster will appear any time soon.
Staring endlessly into the void.
A hollow, bare feeling when all is done.
Dissensified, canibalized hollow from the inside out.

Like you've ordered a cappuccino, and get an empty cookie wrapper instead.
There is no enjoyment from what is left.
You did not play warframe there for several hours.
Something happened... no idea what, but something did.
Struck so hard in the face, you don't know if you're alive anymore.

If these are the intended end results.
Then... I guess everything is as it should have been.

Wonder what the next step towards, trying to flush me out, will be.
(you could be straightforward too, I'd appreciate that more.)

So, now I get to do lich missions, and make sure I don't accidentally hit one of these nodes.
Since someone else in the team used their locators before I could.



Permanent star chart, looking like this.


Kindly signed
'Carcass' :heart:

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Aftermath added + grammatical correction
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