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Rivens and Kuva Abundance


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Good day DE, in this thread I would like to concisely express the infuriating issues with rivens, kuva and the quality of life changes that will benefit ALL Tenno alike.

  • 1.   Negative stats, most specifically: Neg damage, multishot, Crit chance and crit damage. The chances of getting 3 positives in your roll with any of those 4 negatives completely nullifies the entire use of the riven. From no angle can it be concluded that any weapon benefits from Neg damage, multishot,etc. In reference to Vile Acceleration/ Anemic Agility the only mods with neg damage but only a 15% decrease never 100%+ like in a riven. There is no “balance” in those neg stats because it nullifies any positive stat you get. There is no reason for it to be in the database and this issue has been overlooked since Rivens Release. Please this is an urgent issue because your company knows the riven market and it’s out of your jurisdiction but the rolling experience itself is unbearably frustrating knowing those 4 specific neg stats can magically appear. I won’t discuss the other neg stats as of now, they are fine.
  •    Secondly, Riven Capacity, beside it being ridiculously steep of 60 plat for 3x slots. The same price each for one as an entire warframe slot. Why isn’t +1 riven capacity added with mastery rank? If a mastery rank gate was added why not see it through all the way?. If +1 mod capacity and +1 load-out capacity is given upon mastery rank, there should be no issue adding +1 riven capacity to help with the ever growing demand. Considering riven mods are a common drop reward from sorties. 
  •    Lastly, Kuva abundance, DE did a great job with adding kuva survival but the yields are so deplorable it’s not even funny. Without a resource booster, the player’s time invested is nowhere equal per kuva reward to roll a riven mod of 3.5k each after 10 rolls. Yielding only 200 kuva per capsule is bad resource economy and again forces players farming kuva to use boosters just to get a decent amount of kuva efficiently. Game modes like Arbitration or Nightwave almost feel less tedious to earn the 10k kuva from their store because the farm is more fun/beneficial. The community has been begging for this but not barking loud enough for it(enough) please increase kuva survival yields to 500 PER capsule or decrease the fixed 3.5k to 2.5k kuva or adding scaling rewards to kuva survival where the yields increase by 100 every 10/15 minutes so players have reason to stay longer in mission. The community has been too distracted with the current bugs with railjack and Kuva liches because they found something new to be upset about. If the Kuva Lich system can receive optimal quality of life changes upon such recent release. The Riven stats, Capacity and Kuva existing for far longer can be rectified and improved. Thank you and keep making this game awesome.
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What I would like to see is for the reroll cost to go down over time. So if you wait for a week, you would only need 900 kuva for a roll.

The other 2 issues, I don't see being changed.
You could also argue, that nobody wants extra ammo capacity. That's what the rolls are for.
And when it comes to capacity cost, it does feel expensive. But if you are someone, who is getting enough rivens for this to become a problem, you probably also have enough stuff you could sell for platinum.

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