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Please Improve The Chat


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Hello, my big problem in warframe is the chat,to be perfectly honest this is the worst chat system i have see in any game


1)Wain i fusing some mods and the same time i want to chat with my clan i need to quit the mod screen quit the arsenal and go back on the main screen so i can chat, this is very wrong,the chat need to be able all the time


2)We need to be able to create private window so we can speek with anyone we like and change between chat windows with out need to type our friend name again so we can speek with him.


3)make a timestamp in the chat so we can see  how many minutes they have pass wain someone say somthing in chat


4)plz make 1 in game clock so we don't lose our prospective of time wain we play alot,i know  in game say you play alot take a break but is difference wain you can see the time.


5)and finally make the players names clickable so wain i need to send 1 whisper to someone simply ι press right click in my mouse up in the player name and whisper

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agree in the private window option, i suggest to be able to set clan chat as default instead of region one


i want to be able to save my chat window position in another screen position and size instead of default


i want to save my squad hp list in another position too instead of having to move it each game

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My whole point of checking out this forum was to see if there was a thread just like this.  The chat system seems to be my biggest problem with warframe.. (any only problem actually.. because the game is awesome)


It has a lot of flaws which are already detailed above, however one point I thought I'd add is the chat LOCKOUT.

It seems when you get knocked to the ground, or use an ability (the perfect moment to shout out a quick message due to the down time.. "help" or "over here", etc") it exactly when the game decides to lock out your communication.  This is highly frustrating and I hope it changes.


I like the ability to move the chat menu, however I really wish it would save where I left it.  It also currently overlaps team shield/health display and lotus/boss messages which makes a big mess of things.

I've noticed as well that if you open the chat screen and then decide not to do anything (hit esc) it will forever stay on screen until I open it again, and toggle chat groups and then close it again.


It is nice that when whispering to someone I don't have to keep typing their name over and over again to send more whipsers, it is however very annoying when I want to send a message to my group and have to toggle chat groups back and forth for it to send a proper message.  The group also seems to reset and even clear past messages sent from others once your squad disbands.  It would be nice if the log stayed as there is no user benefit to having it clear this information.


Hope to see some chat improvements soon.  Keep up the good work on everything else!

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