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Apocalyptic (Apoc Gaming) Website + Forums + Teamspeak + Fully Built Dojo + Very Active Clan


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About Us:

APOC Gaming has been around since 2007 playing a vast amount of games on PC and Console. APOC has been priding itself in providing active, productive, and a friendly community of clans, guilds, factions, alliances for years.


We have also started since 2011 in managing our own website, forums, teamspeak, and gaming servers. Right now we run Minecraft & Cube World servers to the public, anyone is welcome to join APOC and use all of our features and services for free.


I myself have been playing Warframe since Closed Beta and invited many people to join me in this fabulous game. Recently we have completely redesigned our dojo, researched tech, and opened the doors to new members by expanding our clans capacity. We are very active and friendly and are seeking individuals who are as well.


Clan Emblem:

We have one, its the exact same image on the top of this post.



Everything. Plain and simple, we have every single building you can build in the DOJO from the Grandest Hall to the Obstacle Course. Many researches have also been completed the only research that is incomplete is the newest additions to Update 10.

Update 10 researches are complete.



APOC is very active and we want to keep it like this. We offer a teamspeak server for all clan members to communicate when gaming in real time for those who do not wish to use the in game voice communication.


APOC's Inactivity limit is 14 days, unless a post on our forums is stated as to why you will be inactive.



- Stay Active

- Be respectful, do not argue with members, brag about your gear, or call anyone a noob or make them feel like one. We are a family treat each other like one.

- Contribute. While our faction is completely built its decor & research is not, please throw in your 2 cents and help us finish all of our decorations and research.

- Help others. Be it a new player or experienced player if anyone needs help finding something or leveling up please be kind and help them along.

- Have fun. We are a community before a clan, we do not care about leader boards or our position in the game. We play to have a fun and enjoyable online experience. We sometimes record our games and our randomness on teamspeak. If this is not for you i suggest looking for a clan elsewhere.



To join APOC simply send me a friend request in game. IGN: Zilacon.

Or hop on our teamspeak and ask one of the many warframe members to invite you to our clan, all ranks have the ability to recruit players.



If you have any questions that are not answered on this post feel free to comment below or checkout our website and teamspeak.


Our Services:

- Website:             http://apocgaming.org

- Forums:              http://apocgaming.org/f

- Teamspeak:        ts.apocgaming.org / Warframe Channel Password: apocwf

- Minecraft Servers: 7 In total, view our website for addresses & ports.

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