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Nyx Rework Suggestions


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Following my QoL suggestions for Volt, my most favourite Warframe, which you can find hereI would like to suggest more intrusive suggestions, a rework, if you will, for my second favourite Warframe, Nyx

I have faith DE will rework Nyx eventually and do a great job, as they did with Vauban, Wukong and Ember. That said, I would like to give them some of my ideas for possible consideration or inspiration.

Base stats

I would keep Nyx’s base stats the same as they are. I don’t see any major issues with them.



Thanks to Nyx’s mind affecting abilities, the enemy perception of her is unclear, resulting in a second long delay before enemies start attacking Nyx and provides Nyx with a reduced threat level, making enemies more likely to target Nyx’s allies instead of her at first.




1st Ability

Mind Control – 25 energy cost

Nyx takes over the mind of a single enemy of her choice. The enemy is impervious to all damage and accumulates it instead. It also has the highest threat level by default.

Re-casting the ability will refresh the ability duration for the same energy cost regardless of where the controlled enemy is or where Nyx is aiming.

Furthermore, Nyx can control the enemy like a spectre, giving it basic “Follow” and “Hold Position” commands. The mind controlled enemy attacks anything attacking Nyx as a top priority, as long as it doesn’t interfere with the “Hold Position” and “Follow” commands, in which case, it targets the closest enemy instead.

The controlled enemy’s damage can no longer be increased by shooting the enemy, but it is instead increased based on the damage and mods in Nyx’s weapons in such a way, to make the enemy ALWAYS be able to easily damage and kill as Nyx would.

Holding the ability will release the control of the mind controlled enemy unleashing the accumulated damage in an AoE blast of 5 meters (subject to ability range increasing mods) for additional energy cost (if Nyx doesn’t have the energy to do this, the AoE blast will not happen) damaging the controlled enemy and all enemies in the vicinity with the accumulated damage, which is affected by Nyx’s ability strength.

The ability can now be used against even boss type enemies, resulting in a different effect, where the enemy will hold their head in pain, trying to resist the effect (the same animation currently used by Pacifying Bolts augment). This animation will be shorter every time Mind Control is used and after the third time, the enemy will be immune to the ability completely.

Mind Freak augment raises the mind controlled enemy’s damage by 200% (subject to ability strength increasing mods), making the mind controlled enemy extremely strong and useful – also Nyx’s most damaging ability.

Furthermore, the mind controlled enemy now attacks with higher frequency and fervour. In case of melee only enemies, their movement speed will also be increased by 25% (subject to ability strength increasing mods) to enable them to dash out more damage.

This would not affect beneficial effects the mind controlled enemy can provide (e.g. Shield Osprey), to avoid exploiting. It would also not affect the AoE blast upon Mind Control release, in order to avoid dealing millions of damage and cheesing some difficult enemies.


2nd Ability

Psychic Bolts – 25 energy cost

Nyx fires off enemy seeking bolts forcing the enemy to drop their guard, resulting in their shields and armour being decreased up to 100%.

The ability targets the closest enemies based on their shield and or armour rating, making targets with the highest shields and or armour the ones who get hit as a priority.

The bolts do not target the same enemy as long as there are other enemies within the range that can be targeted, avoiding cases where multiple bolts would hit the same enemy while other enemies are available.

Psychic Bolts can now target boss type enemies increasing the damage they receive from all sources by 25% (subject to ability strength increasing mods).

Pacifying Bolts augment gives Psychic Bolts a short AoE effect (subject to ability range increasing mods) upon hitting an enemy, stripping defences from those around them with the same effect strength and duration.


3rd Ability

Chaos – 50 energy cost

Nyx affects all enemies around her (except for the Mind Controlled enemy and boss type enemies), forcing them to stop targeting Nyx and her allies completely and attack each other instead. If one of the enemies affected by Chaos gets hit by Mind Control, Chaos will stop affecting this enemy immediately.

The damage of enemies affected by Chaos is increased in the relation to their level, similarly to how Vauban’s Photon Strike works.

Combined with Psychic Bolts, especially with the Pacifying Bolts augment, this will allow enemies to easily and quickly kill each other.

Chaotic Frenzy augment will enable Chaos to persist in the area affecting all enemies who enter. Also, the attack frequency of all enemies affected by Chaos and the damage they deal to other enemies are increased by 200%, enabling enemies to wipe themselves out much faster.


4th Ability

Insanity – 100 energy cost

Nyx enters a meditative state, being unable to move, (the same animation used for Absorb) and unleashes a rapidly increasing filed of psychic energy (field growth speed subject to ability range increasing mods) that forces enemies affected by Chaos to end their own lives or ends their neural functions (enemies die instantly). The ability will automatically end once it reaches its maximum range, which is the same as the maximum range of Chaos, or if the ability button is pressed again.

Unlike Absorb, Nyx is fully vulnerable in this state. The great killing potential of this ability has to come with a high risk as well in order to keep it balanced.

Cognitive Assimilation augment will provide Nyx, her allies within the range of her Insanity, and her mind controlled enemy regardless of location, with a damage buff increasing in strength and duration based on the number of enemies killed by Insanity, with 3% and 1 seconds of duration per killed enemy (e.g. killing 20 enemies with Insanity will result in a 60% damage buff for 20 seconds) with damage and duration being subject to ability strength and duration increasing mods.


I hope this is not too daring and will be liked by DE and the four Nyx users out there. 🙂 


Below, you can find an amalgam thread of most if not all Nyx rework and tweak ideas on the forum for easier browsing.


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It's well tought I like it but there is a few thigs I would like to say.

As much as I would like that enemies affected with chaos cannot attack players it should not be done because you effect whole rooms so you just broke the game, maybe a damage reduce aginst players by 50%(while ofc attacking each other) or something would be better in my opinon.

Commanding the mind controlled mob seems very good but that blast thing, I don't think It's good, or even usable.Nyx needs to survive more, what if  her 1st would work like nekros 4 augment? A line would be between the 2 and the mob would take x%(maybe depending on type, rarer enemies give more) of the damage nyx takes(not affected by power str)

About replacing absorb with a new ability idk, with just a text I'm not sure if it's good or not, sounds interesting nonetheless, but seems pretty useless in most  situations, but very OP if completly sorrounded by a lot of mobs.. I'm just not sure if I like taking away the invulnerable state, because all I use absorb is situation like I'm gonna die and don't want to.

And you just made Psychic Bolts as good as it can be.

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I tried to go around introducing another damage reduction ability and instead went with threat levels. With her passive, Inconspicuous and with active mind controlled enemy and Chaos active, Nyx should not be shot at at all, so she doesn't need damage reduction. She is, of course, vulnerable to bosses, which she can Mind Control to get away, but is otherwise forced to rely on keeping her distance, debuffing the boss and have it's own mobs and her allies kill it instead.


What you wrote about Chaos is true, I noticed this as well, but then I realised we already have Warframes capable of stunning or outright wiping the whole room already, which is imho much worse. While Nyx could do the same, it's more costly and risky for her. It feels more balanced that way to me.


The idea is to make Nyx extremely powerful but fragile as her strength lies in the mind and not the body and we already have so many frames who can be untouchable or come very close to that. Not to mention spoiler mode just throwing a massive wrench into survivability. 🙂

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I see where you going and what you want. However "Nyx should not be shot at all" is a thing that sounds good but is not good in game or would happen, there are bad players or simply RNG, being having the treath level reduced doesn't mean it won't happen. 

Yeah it's worse having room wiping frames but that how things went sadly, I remember playing the game in the early years where a frost or vauban in defence was god, nyx anywhere outside of defence was god becase there were no "mass killing" weapons or abilitys. But since CC itself don't really have much potential(ability wise) and "killing is more fun than make yourself not die" is a things new frames have killing or buffing abilitys and as much as I love Nyx I completly understand why people not using her or literelly any any CC frame. It's much more easier and faster to kill whole rooms with your abilitys than just making them ignore you and either run away or slowly killing them with your weapons.

Nonetheless you did a great job,

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