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Kuva Harpak


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I think long ago, I paid plat on my first account on PS4 for the Harpak when it was new. I was excited thinking it was gonna be rad, but it kinda wasn't as fun as I thought harpooning enemies. A new Kuva version with different harpooning mechanics would be cool I think. 

Primary fire unchanged, at least how it operates. Would probably have projectile speed and damage boosted or something tho.

Secondary fire can be toggled and it's semiauto now, harpoons retract on reload dragging enemies, and do continuous elemental damage while attached. The harpoons will automatically disengage if the Tenno moves too far from the target? Or should they drag the targets if the Tenno moves? Imagine a Tenno walking/dragging a bunch of Chargers like dogs, them getting whipped into walls as the Tenno bullet jumps around. 

 Example, can get ahold of an electric Kuva Harpak, toggle to secondary fire and tag 5 enemies with the semiauto harpoons, toggle to primary fire and shoot 5 different enemies or jump around or melee, while the first 5 harpooned enemies are taking continuous electric damage and procs, or any other elements it's been modded for, and the harpoons won't retract until reloading. 

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