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Kuva Lich health bar and markers bugging out when a converted Lich enters the mission while an enemy Lich is there


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The health bar of the enemy lich (at the top) stays full even when the Lich is hit, even though he is taking damage and can be downed. I did not manage to get a Screenshot of that unfortunately. It likely represents the health of the converted Kuva Lich who appeared.

The following screenshot shows that only the friendly Kuva Lich was still in the mission, yet the health bar (with the already gone enemy Lich's name) at the top was still there. Also, if you went more than 25m away from the Lich you'd get an additional red marker next to the blue one, indicating an enemy Lich still there, even though there was none.


ETA: This has happened 3 times so far, all 3 times were after the Kuva Lich changes in 27.1

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added some info at the bottom
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