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Sure Footed Mod Client-Side


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First, Moderators, please move this to the appropriate forum, I'm not sure where Mod Feedback should go..

Anyway. After numerous tests done by DecapitatingJim and I, we found that Sure Footed (And Fortitude) don't work properly when you aren't hosting. They only resist the knockdown of Corpus when you are the client.

Grineer and Infested will still knock you down.

This is not just bad luck, we tested around 100 knockdowns, and none were resisted as clients.

With an 80% knockdown resistance chance, this is logically improbable to be bad luck.

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its already known, look into the wiki, (if you have the patience to look into the wiki and search the comments with content :)) then this is a problem that affects Fortitude and sure footed, if you are the host all works, but if you are the client the knock down resistence will not work. Hope they fix this with the next bigger update. 

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